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Goodyear Tire Test at Indianapolis Motor Speedway: Evaluating Oval Configuration for Future Races

Goodyear Tire Test at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway to establish the optimal oval track setup for future races. The Indianapolis Motor Speedway’s Monday and Tuesday Goodyear tire test is exciting. Three top Cup Series teams are testing tires. They’re doing it on the Brickyard’s 2.5-mile oval track. This cooperative research will instruct Goodyear and NASCAR authorities on using the famous Brickyard Circle course in future races.

This plan follows a thrilling weekend of racing at Indianapolis’ 2.439-mile road-course circuit. Since 2021, the Cup Series has worked out this complicated framework. Remember that the series has used oval courses for a long time. Twenty-seven oval events have been staged annually since the 1994 Brickyard 400.The 2024 NASCAR schedule’s publishing date has yet to be determined. Elton Sawyer, NASCAR’s senior vice president of competition, says they’re still contemplating Indianapolis. Sawyer noted that the oval form is under consideration. “I reckon it’s fair to say that it’s always an option,” he told SiriusXM NASCAR Radio.

Goodyear is ready if the oval shape returns. “We believe there has been a lot of discussion about possibly returning to the oval track in the future,” said racing tire sales manager Greg Stucker. Let’s race the Next Gen vehicle on the circuit in its prior configuration.” Since the Next Gen vehicle has only driven on the road course, Stucker noted the oval circuit hadn’t seen its talents.

Sawyer said the tire test will occur Monday and Tuesday. NASCAR competition officials will review aerodynamic elements for Cup Series rules packages in the second half of Tuesday’s session. This occurred after six teams tested a new splitter and other aerodynamic improvements at Richmond Raceway on July 31 and August 1. NASCAR will collect data at Indianapolis.

Image: Goodyear Tire Test

Sunday’s Verizon 200 at the Brickyard’s road course tire test participants fared well. Alex Bowman placed sixth on the exam. Ty Gibbs finished 12th, and Chase Briscoe sixth. Bowman is the only competitor with Indianapolis Cup Series experience.

Bowman’s description of the Brickyard track’s obstacles and thrills was accurate. “I’m not sure if a stock car will ever feel normal in this place, but it will be awesome,” Bowman remarked. He emphasized Indianapolis Speedway’s involvement in IndyCar racing.

Chase Briscoe won the inaugural Indy road track Xfinity Series event in 2020. He admired and respected the oval form. Briscoe commented, “It’s really wild to think that I’ll be one of just three guys who get to drive this Next Gen car on the oval.” He said the Brickyard 400 is distinctive and crucial.

The racing world anxiously awaits the tire test results as the Brickyard circuit approaches. It might change Indianapolis NASCAR races.

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