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Motorsports Broadcasting: NASCAR’s Mega TV Deal and NHRA’s Future Prospects

Motorsports Broadcasting: NASCAR’s recent unveiling of a multi-layered TV deal, featuring multiple broadcast partners for Cup Series races, has sent ripples of excitement across the motorsports landscape. The staggering $7.7 billion package, set to kick in during the 2025 NASCAR season, marks a remarkable 40% annual increase over the preceding deal. In an era of financial strain and cutbacks, many skeptics had doubted NASCAR’s ability to match its current deal, yet the sport unequivocally hit a home run, affirming an enduring appetite for motorsports programming.

This substantial deal could spell promising news for the NHRA (National Hot Rod Association). Currently navigating the tail end of a long-term deal with FOX since 2016, lasting until 2026, the exposure generated hasn’t translated into substantial revenue for either the series or its teams.

According to the reports, the NHRA declined to delve into specifics about its current TV deal or the progress toward its next agreement. However, a spokesperson hinted at an anticipated announcement concerning a post-2026 TV deal as early as next summer.

NHRA teams are closely watching NASCAR’s monumental deal, particularly regarding how the TV revenue gets divvied up—a key concern for both series. In NASCAR’s present agreement with its chartered teams, which encompass 36 Cup Series cars, the revenue split involves 65% for tracks, 25% for teams, and 10% allocated to NASCAR. However, discussions are brewing within the NASCAR fraternity, with teams seeking a substantial increase, nearly doubling their current share.

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Drawing parallels between the NASCAR deal’s inclusion of a pay streaming service and the potential for increased broadcast and streaming partnerships, hopes arise for a lucrative influx of TV funds for NHRA teams.

Ron Capps, a three-time NHRA Funny Car champion and owner of Ron Capps Motorsports, elucidated the industry’s observance of NASCAR’s moves and the keen awareness of emerging trends. However, unlike NASCAR, NHRA hasn’t yet determined revenue distribution percentages or which teams stand to benefit. Questions loom regarding part-time teams, multi-car operations, and equal shares across NHRA’s professional classes.

Capps underscores NASCAR’s proactive stance in sharing revenue with its teams, a model the NHRA seems poised to study. The current unified focus and communication among stakeholders within NHRA signal a potentially pivotal moment, fostering a shared direction and stronger cohesion than ever before.

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