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NASCAR Fan Access: Joey Logano’s Praise and Ryan Blaney’s Racing Evolution

NASCAR Fan Access: In a SiriusXM NASCAR recent appearance, two-time Cup Series champion Joey Logano drew attention to NASCAR fans’ unparalleled access to drivers and teams, contrasting it with other major sporting leagues.

Logano emphasized the significant accessibility fans enjoy in NASCAR, citing the opportunity to interact with drivers, even moments before races during pre-race introductions. He contrasted this with the limitations in other sports, highlighting the restricted access fans have to NFL players before games.

“Our fans are spoiled!” exclaimed Logano. “And I love our race fans, but think about other sports for a second? When are you going to meet an NFL player? Can you access an NFL player, anytime, like three hours before the game? NO!”

Despite a playful interruption about exceptions for celebrities like Taylor Swift, who is associated with an NFL star, Logano emphasized the widespread accessibility of NASCAR drivers to fans before races.

He clarified that most Cup Series drivers prioritize interacting with fans, countering claims that NASCAR drivers are inaccessible. Logano asserted, “That is the norm in our sport, that doesn’t happen in any other sport, at all! So to say we are not accessible is wrong, that is not the case at all. We are very accessible.”

Logano highlighted the relatable lifestyles of Cup Series drivers and their commitment to engaging with fans, underscoring their accessibility compared to athletes in other professional leagues.

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Shifting gears to racing matters, Logano praised teammate Ryan Blaney, acknowledging his evolution in racecraft, culminating in a successful defense of the Cup Series title for Team Penske.

“We’ve all seen the amount of speed he’s had his whole career, like just raw speed,” Logano acknowledged. “The kid is quick as can be, but it seemed like it took a minute for the race craft to meet up to the talent that he has.”

Recognizing Blaney’s formidable potential, Logano anticipated a competitive future racing alongside his teammate in the coming years.

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Our Reader’s Queries

What is fan experience for NASCAR?

Join us for an exciting day at the races! Our typical day starts bright and early, with plenty of time to soak up the thrilling atmosphere of the track. Guests can explore the sights and sounds of the race day, indulge in some shopping for their favorite driver’s merchandise, and immerse themselves in the excitement of the event. For a taste of what’s in store, just ask us for a sample itinerary for any race weekend. We can’t wait to share this unforgettable experience with you!

Where are most NASCAR fans located?

Stock car racing is a beloved pastime in the southeastern United States, with North Carolina boasting the largest population of NASCAR enthusiasts. However, other cities such as Roanoke, Virginia also have a significant following, with 32 percent of the population reported to be fans. Orlando is another city where the sport has a strong presence. Whether it’s the thrill of the race or the sense of community that comes with being a fan, stock car racing continues to captivate audiences across the region.

Why is NASCAR losing its fan base?

The decline of the sport can be attributed to several factors. The introduction of the Car of Tomorrow was met with criticism from both drivers and fans. The constant tinkering of the rules and the racing itself also contributed to the decline. Additionally, changes in the race day experience and a perceived decline in the quality of the sport have played a role.

What has happened to NASCAR attendance?

Despite dwindling crowds since the early 2000s, Pocono Raceway claimed to have its largest attendance in over a decade this season. However, official figures were not released.

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