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Denny Hamlin Mocks Former Rival, Says “He’s Going Wrong Way”

Denny Hamlin Mocks Former Rival: Denny Hamlin‘s recent jab at Marcus Smith, highlighting the latter’s supposed misdirection in his racing career, has stirred a mix of amusement and curiosity within the NASCAR community. This exchange on social media emphasizes their long-standing rivalry and reflects the companionship and humor that permeate the sport. Against the backdrop of significant changes at Charlotte Motor Speedway‘s Roval Course, Hamlin’s comments prompt a deeper examination of the evolving dynamics in NASCAR and the strategic decisions that shape a driver’s career.

Key Highlights

  • Denny Hamlin mocks a former rival on social media, suggesting they are heading in the wrong direction.
  • Hamlin’s comment implies the rival’s decisions or performance are misguided or ineffective.
  • The remark plays into Hamlin’s ongoing critique of racing decisions and strategies within NASCAR.
  • Hamlin’s public criticism highlights his outspoken nature regarding competitors and NASCAR policies.

Charlotte Motor Speedway’s Roval Course Changes

Charlotte Motor Speedway has announced adjustments to its 17-turn, 2.28-mile ‘roval’ course, aimed at improving overtaking opportunities and challenging teams with a new layout for the upcoming October 13 playoff race. This strategic modification by Speedway Motorsports Incorporated (SMI) is intended to energize the racing dynamics by providing more opportunities for drivers to execute passes, thereby intensifying the competitive atmosphere on race day.

The alterations to the ‘roval’ layout are not just cosmetic but are designed to influence the core racing experience. By tweaking certain turns and potentially modifying track width at critical points, the course aims to disrupt the existing race strategies, prompting teams to recalibrate their approach. These changes are expected to create a more unpredictable and engaging race, as drivers will need to adapt quickly to the new configuration.

Furthermore, the timing of these changes, just ahead of an important playoff race, adds an extra layer of complexity for teams. As they prepare for this significant event, teams must now incorporate the new layout into their simulations and practice sessions. This could potentially level the playing field, providing both seasoned veterans and emerging talents with fresh opportunities to excel.

Denny Hamlin Mocks Former Rival

Denny Hamlin’s Reaction and Concerns

Denny Hamlin has expressed his skepticism about the recent track changes, suggesting they might be more about generating buzz than improving the actual racing experience. The veteran Joe Gibbs Racing (JGR) driver has been vocal in his criticism, implying that the alterations serve more as a marketing tactic rather than a genuine effort to improve the competition on the track. His comments have sparked a significant amount of discussion among fans and pundits alike.

On his podcast, Hamlin did not hold back his bewilderment over the construction of a new track right behind the existing one. This development seems to have caught him off guard, as he openly questioned the rationale behind such a decision. The driver’s confusion highlights a broader concern about whether these changes are being made with the best interests of the sport in mind or simply to create a fresh storyline for the venue.

Hamlin even reached out to his audience, asking fans to help him understand the logic behind these modifications. This move reflects his genuine concern about the direction in which the sport is heading. By engaging with fans, Hamlin aims to foster a dialogue that could potentially lead to more informed and thoughtful decisions regarding track design and modifications.

Changes to the Bank of America Roval 400

The upcoming changes to the Bank of America Roval 400 are poised to greatly alter the dynamics of the race, with modifications to key sections of the track aimed at enhancing both challenge and excitement. The reconfiguration includes an extended straightaway after Turn 5 and the introduction of a new Turn 6 that leads into a tight hairpin at Turn 7. Moreover, Turn 16 has been adjusted to create a sharper final chicane on the front stretch. Despite these updates, the track maintains its 17 turns and 2.28-mile layout, along with its notable 35-foot elevation change.

These alterations are part of Speedway Motorsports’ broader vision for the event, spearheaded by Marcus Smith. The strategic changes are expected to intensify competition, particularly as this race serves as the critical point where the field narrows from 12 to eight drivers. By enhancing specific sections of the track, organizers aim to provide a more compelling and technically challenging experience for both drivers and spectators.

However, not everyone is enthusiastic about the changes. JGR star driver Denny Hamlin has expressed skepticism regarding the necessity and impact of the modifications.

“Ovals are the strong point of next-gen. What are we doing running through the parking lot at the roval, I do not know! And now they reconfigured it. Great! That just tells you that the track needed another storyline to keep this thing going.” – denny

Hamlin’s critique highlights a broader debate within the sport about the balance between traditional oval racing and the increasing incorporation of road course elements. As the Bank of America Roval 400 approaches, it remains to be seen how these changes will play out in the race dynamics and general competition.

Denny Hamlin Mocks Former Rival
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Hamlin’s Twitter Spat and Track Investment Issues

Amid ongoing debates about track investment and revenue allocation, Hamlin’s recent Twitter spat has brought renewed attention to financial disparities within NASCAR.

Hamlin contended that teams receive slightly more than the stated 25% share of broadcast revenue when factoring in purse money. However, he didn’t hold back in criticizing Speedway Motorsports for their perceived lack of reinvestment into their facilities. He emphasized that his 23XI Racing team, co-owned with Michael Jordan, has funneled more funds into the sport over the past decade than Speedway Motorsports.

This discourse was further fueled by Hamlin’s bewilderment over the sudden appearance of a new road course under construction behind Charlotte Motor Speedway.

“Actually I need an explanation! While coming into the racetrack there is a road course being built behind Charlotte Motor Speedway. Can someone on social media tell me what that is going to be for?”

“It’s somewhat hidden I’ve not seen anything about it. But can someone on social media tell me what is this road course being built in. It’s kind of like in the wood. It’s got trees around. It’s pretty! It’s somewhat narrow. So, I don’t know that’s it’s going to be like an actual.” – denny

  1. Revenue Allocation: Hamlin’s argument highlights the complexities in how broadcast revenues are split, hinting that the purported 25% share for teams may not fully capture the financial dynamics at play.
  2. Track Reinvestment: The critique of Speedway Motorsports raises questions about the long-term sustainability and quality of NASCAR venues if reinvestment is insufficient.
  3. Transparency and Communication: Hamlin’s surprise at the new road course construction points to a potential gap in communication between NASCAR’s governing bodies and its stakeholders, which could lead to misunderstandings and friction.

Hamlin’s Disappointment with NASCAR’s Decision

Beyond his financial grievances with Speedway Motorsports, Hamlin also expressed significant frustration with NASCAR’s decision to cut the latest race at Charlotte short. Although he secured a respectable fourth-place finish, the Joe Gibbs Racing driver felt the race’s premature termination deprived competitors, including himself, of further opportunities to enhance their standings.

Hamlin’s discontent stemmed from an incident on pit road where Chris Buescher’s block caused him to lose several positions. He was confident that the race, initially halted due to weather conditions, could have resumed, thereby allowing him a chance to recover lost ground.

“In my mind, from what I saw, by 12 o’clock we would be racing. At 12:15, the track was dry. The drivers were getting ready. All of a sudden, they shut down the Titans or the Jet Dryers and was like, uh-oh, are they about to call this thing?” – denny

Such decisions not only impact individual drivers but also have broader implications for the sport. Had the race continued, Kyle Larson might have completed enough laps to improve his playoff prospects, lessening his reliance on a NASCAR waiver. The sudden halt thus raised questions about consistency and transparency in NASCAR’s decision-making process.


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  Denny Hamlin Mocks Former Rival

News in Brief: Denny Hamlin Mocks Former Rival

The recent social media exchange between Denny Hamlin and Marcus Smith highlights the friendly dynamics within the NASCAR community. Despite their competitive history, the interaction demonstrates the companionship and humor shared among drivers.

Meanwhile, Hamlin’s expressed concerns regarding changes to Charlotte Motor Speedway’s Roval Course emphasize ongoing debates within the sport. Such discourse reflects broader tensions between drivers and NASCAR’s decision-making processes, indicating a need for balanced consideration of track modifications and their impact on racing.

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A: A week ago, Hamlin secured his third victory of 2024 at Dover Motor Speedway, mere days after confidently predicting his win on his podcast, “Actions Detrimental.”

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