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NASCAR Team Withdraws From Iowa Speedway Race Over Sponsorship

NASCAR Team Withdraws From Iowa Speedway Race: MBM Motorsports’ withdrawal from the Iowa Speedway race due to sponsorship issues sheds a light on the financial realities NASCAR teams face. The decision to pull the No. 66 car from the Iowa Corn 350 highlights the delicate balance between competitive aspirations and financial viability. This unexpected move raises critical questions about the sustainability of smaller teams within the NASCAR ecosystem. As MBM Motorsports sets its sights on the Ally 400 at Nashville Superspeedway, the implications of this withdrawal on their playoff hopes and future endeavors remain a focal point for discussion. What strategic shifts lie ahead for the team?

Key Highlights

  • MBM Motorsports withdrew from Iowa Speedway due to unresolved sponsorship issues.
  • The withdrawal marks their fourth missed race of the 2024 season.
  • Financial constraints are impacting the team’s strategic planning and race participation.
  • Sponsorship is critical for covering extensive racing expenses in the competitive NASCAR landscape.
  • The No. 66 car will miss the Iowa Corn 350, but MBM Motorsports plans to race at Nashville on June 30.

MBM Motorsports Withdraws from IOWA Speedway

Facing sponsorship challenges, MBM Motorsports has decided to withdraw their number 66 entry from the upcoming NASCAR Cup Series race at IOWA Speedway. This decision marks a significant setback for the team, which was looking forward to competing in what would have been their fourth race of the 2024 season. The withdrawal highlights the often relationship between motorsports teams and their financial backers, emphasizing the critical role that sponsorship plays in the viability of racing operations.

IOWA Speedway, hosting its inaugural Cup race this year, was expected to be an important event for MBM Motorsports. The team, led by owner Carl Long, has been working to carve out a competitive niche within the fiercely contested NASCAR Cup Series. The absence of the number 66 car at IOWA reflects broader financial constraints that extend beyond mere operational costs, impacting strategic planning and long-term aspirations.

The sponsorship landscape in NASCAR is notoriously competitive, with teams constantly vying for financial support to cover the extensive expenses associated with racing. From car maintenance and crew salaries to travel and technology upgrades, the costs are considerable. Without sufficient sponsorship, even established teams can find themselves struggling to participate in races consistently.

NASCAR Team Withdraws From Iowa Speedway Race 1

Recent Race History and Driver Changes

Considering their financial challenges, MBM Motorsports’ recent race history and driver changes further show the team’s ongoing struggle for stability and competitive performance. Their most recent participation in the NASCAR Cup Series was during the 2024 edition of the Coca-Cola 600. Initially, seasoned driver David Starr was slated to pilot the No. 66 car. However, due to other commitments, Starr was replaced by BJ McLeod, a driver known for his adaptability and experience in multiple racing series.

Despite McLeod’s commendable efforts, the race did not yield a favorable outcome for MBM Motorsports. The team finished in 37th place, a position that highlights the persistent challenges they face on the track. This result, while disheartening, is indicative of the broader instability that has plagued MBM Motorsports in recent years. The frequent driver changes, driven by a combination of financial constraints and logistical hurdles, have impeded the team’s ability to build consistent momentum.

Statement from MBM Motorsports

In an open statement, MBM Motorsports revealed that the No. 66 car will not participate in the Iowa Corn 350 due to sponsorship issues that could not be resolved in time.

The announcement highlights the vital role that sponsorships play in the operational viability of NASCAR teams, particularly for smaller outfits like MBM Motorsports. The absence of the No. 66 car from the race at Iowa Speedway emphasizes the challenges that teams encounter when financial backing falls through at critical moments.

The statement, released on social media, provided a detailed explanation of the circumstances leading to this decision. ‘Unfortunately, we had to withdraw the 66 entry from the Iowa Corn 350 @iowaspeedway as sponsorship did not materialize in time. Our next planned NASCAR Cup Series start @nashvillesuperS,’ MBM Motorsports confirmed.


  1. Sponsorship Dependency: The team’s entry in races is heavily reliant on securing timely sponsorship deals, without which participation becomes financially unsustainable.
  2. Withdrawal Impact: The decision to withdraw affects not only the team’s competitive aspirations but also its visibility and marketing value.
  3. Future Schedule: Despite this setback, MBM Motorsports has confirmed that their next planned race is the Ally 400 at Nashville Superspeedway on June 30.

NASCAR Team Withdraws From Iowa Speedway Race 2

Previous Races and Future Plans

Despite the recent setback, MBM Motorsports has demonstrated resilience and commitment by participating in notable races earlier this season, such as the EchoPark Automotive Grand Prix at Circuit of The Americas and the All-Star Race at North Wilkesboro Speedway, with Timmy Hill as their driver. These appearances highlight the team’s tenacity and strategic ambitions in the highly competitive NASCAR landscape.

The 2023 season saw MBM Motorsports making formidable attempts to carve out a niche, with Hill behind the wheel showcasing commendable driving skills. While their efforts at COTA and North Wilkesboro did not resulted in podium finishes, the experience and exposure have significantly contributed to the team’s growth and tactical planning.

Looking ahead, MBM Motorsports has outlined an ambitious schedule for the 2024 season. The team plans to compete in high-profile races at the Chicago Road Course, Indianapolis Motor Speedway, and Daytona International Speedway. These tracks are not only iconic in the world of motorsport but also provide MBM Motorsports with a platform to further solidify their standing and aspirations.

The driver lineup for these events remains undisclosed, adding an element of intrigue to the team’s future endeavors. Nevertheless, MBM Motorsports’ strategic planning and prior race participations position them as a team to watch in the upcoming season.

Playoff Aspirations and Upcoming Events

MBM Motorsports is gearing up for an ambitious playoff run with their 66 Dark Horse, targeting key tracks such as Bristol Motor Speedway, Kansas Speedway, and the Charlotte ROVAL. As the team sets its sights on the 2024 playoffs, they are carefully planning their strategy to optimize their performance across these critical venues. The anticipation is tangible as the team aims to secure a competitive edge and boost their standing in the NASCAR Cup Series.

The 66 Dark Horse, driven by seasoned racers such as David Starr and Timmy Hill, has shown potential in previous outings. Starr last piloted the car at Martinsville, securing a 37th-place finish, while Hill navigated the All-Star Open to a respectable 19th-place position. These performances highlight the car’s resilience and the drivers’ capabilities, setting a solid foundation for the upcoming playoff battles.

  1. Track-specific Strategies: Leveraging data and past performances to tailor their approach for each track, particularly the high-stakes environments of Bristol, Kansas, and Charlotte.
  2. Driver Performance: Ensuring that their drivers are in peak condition and well-prepared through rigorous training sessions and simulations.
  3. Technical Advancements: Implementing advancements in car technology and setup to optimize speed and reliability.

With the Cup Series action resuming at Iowa on June 16, fans can catch the 350-lap race live on the USA Network and Peacock, with MRN and SiriusXM NASCAR Radio providing radio coverage.

Despite their withdrawal from Iowa, MBM Motorsports remains focused on the larger goal of excelling in the playoffs and making a significant impact on the 2024 season.

NASCAR Team Withdraws From Iowa Speedway Race 3

News in Brief: NASCAR Team Withdraws From Iowa Speedway Race

The withdrawal of MBM Motorsports’ No. 66 car from the Iowa Speedway race due to sponsorship challenges highlights the critical financial challenges faced by NASCAR teams.

This event emphasizes the crucial role of sponsorships in maintaining competitive viability.

MBM Motorsports’ focus now shifts to the Ally 400 at Nashville Superspeedway, where securing financial backing remains vital for sustaining their competitive aspirations and long-term sustainability within the sport’s demanding economic framework.

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