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JGR Picks Chase Briscoe Over Chase Elliott, Fans Upset

JGR Picks Chase Briscoe Over Chase Elliott: Joe Gibbs Racing (JGR) has named Chase Briscoe as the new driver for the #19 Toyota Camry XSE, replacing the retiring Martin Truex Jr. This decision has sparked mixed reactions among NASCAR fans, especially those hoping to see Chase Elliott in the role. Briscoe’s arrival is expected to bring fresh energy and align with JGR’s long-term strategy, but many Elliott supporters have expressed disappointment. Briscoe, meanwhile, regards this move as a dream come true and is enthusiastic about the opportunities it presents. This crucial change could greatly shape the NASCAR landscape—find out more about what this means for JGR and fans.

Key Highlights

  • Fans expressed disappointment on social media over JGR choosing Chase Briscoe instead of Chase Elliott.
  • The decision sparked mixed reactions from the NASCAR community, with some fans upset.
  • JGR opted for Briscoe to align with their long-term strategic vision.
  • Chase Briscoe’s selection led to speculative discussions about the impact on JGR and NASCAR.
  • The announcement generated varied responses, including humorous takes and memes from fans.

Announcement of Chase Briscoe’s Move to Joe Gibbs Racing

In a significant move for the 2025 NASCAR Cup Series season, Joe Gibbs Racing has officially announced Chase Briscoe as the new driver for the #19 Toyota Camry XSE. This shift marks a crucial change in JGR’s driver lineup, as Briscoe steps in to replace the retiring Martin Truex Jr. Known for his competitive spirit and adept racing skills, Briscoe’s inclusion to the team is poised to infuse fresh energy and talent into the #19 camp.

Briscoe’s ascension to the JGR roster, while not entirely unexpected, was inadvertently leaked when current JGR driver Christopher Bell prematurely referred to Briscoe as his new teammate during a recent interview. Despite the early disclosure, the formal announcement has solidified Briscoe’s position within one of NASCAR’s premier teams. His current tenure at Stewart-Haas Racing has been marked by consistent performances and notable achievements, making him a fitting successor to Truex Jr.

The continuity within the #19 team extends beyond just the driver change. Bass Pro Shops, a long-standing sponsor of the #19 car, will continue its partnership into the 2025 season, ensuring a stable sponsorship dynamic. Additionally, James Small will remain as the crew chief, providing an element of consistency and experienced leadership for Briscoe as he transitions into his new role.

This strategic move reflects JGR’s commitment to maintaining a competitive edge in the NASCAR Cup Series. By securing Briscoe, the team honors its legacy of excellence and positions itself for continued success in the coming seasons. The combination of Briscoe’s driving abilities, sustained sponsorship, and experienced crew leadership creates a promising outlook for the #19 Toyota Camry XSE in 2025.

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Official Announcement and Reaction from Joe Gibbs Racing

Amid much anticipation, Joe Gibbs Racing formally announced Chase Briscoe as the new driver of the #19 Toyota Camry XSE through a widely-viewed post on X (formerly Twitter). The post, which quickly garnered attention, read:

”It’s official. @ChaseBriscoe14 is joining the JGR family! Chase will drive the No. 19 BassProShops Toyota Camry starting in 2025. #NASCAR #TeamToyota.” – Joe Gibbs Racing


Joe Gibbs Racing, renowned for its strategic decisions and competitive edge, has expressed high optimism regarding Briscoe’s inclusion. Team owner Joe Gibbs stated, ‘Chase Briscoe is a remarkable talent with a proven track record. We believe his skills and dedication align perfectly with our vision for the future.’ The announcement highlights JGR’s commitment to harnessing young, promising talent to maintain its dominance in NASCAR.

Briscoe, who has consistently demonstrated exceptional skills on the track, responded with enthusiasm. ‘Joining Joe Gibbs Racing is a dream come true,’ Briscoe remarked. ‘I am grateful for the opportunity and excited to contribute to the team’s continued success.’ His statement reflects both his humility and drive to excel within the new team environment.

The strategic move to sign Briscoe over other high-profile contenders, such as Chase Elliott, signifies JGR’s focus on long-term growth and potential. The selection process, likely influenced by Briscoe’s adaptability and racing expertise, highlights JGR’s meticulous approach to team building.

JGR Picks Chase Briscoe 2

Fan Reaction and Social Media Buzz

The announcement of Chase Briscoe joining Joe Gibbs Racing sparked a whirlwind of reactions across social media, with NASCAR fans expressing a range of emotions from excitement to disappointment. The news, which was inadvertently hinted at by Christopher Bell, left many speculating about the fate of popular driver Chase Elliott.

This surprise disclosure of Briscoe stepping into the #19 Joe Gibbs Racing Toyota in 2025 has ignited a passionate debate among fans, who are divided in their opinions.

On platforms like Twitter and Reddit, the immediate response was a blend of humor, discontent, and cautious optimism. Fans of Chase Elliott voiced their dismay, feeling that their favorite driver had been overlooked for a prime opportunity. Meanwhile, supporters of Chase Briscoe celebrated his ascension to a top-tier team, hoping that it would bolster his career trajectory.

  • Disappointment for Elliott Fans: Many Elliott supporters expressed frustration, with comments like “Chase Elliott robbed” reflecting their sentiment.
  • Excitement for Briscoe’s Prospects: Briscoe’s fans are optimistic, seeing this as a significant step forward for his career.
  • Speculative Discussions: Fans engaged in discussions about how this move might impact the dynamics within Joe Gibbs Racing and the broader NASCAR landscape.
  • Humorous Takes: Some fans lightened the mood with jokes and memes, highlighting the unexpected nature of the announcement.

Comments and Opinions from Fans

With opinions ranging from enthusiastic endorsements to critical skepticism, fans have not held back in sharing their thoughts on Chase Briscoe’s selection over Chase Elliott for Joe Gibbs Racing. The announcement has ignited a flurry of reactions, encapsulating the diverse sentiments within the NASCAR community.

Among the myriad of voices, some fans have expressed outright discontent, questioning the decision-making process of JGR. Two fans voiced a preference for Noah Gragson, suggesting he would have been a superior choice.

“Chase Elliott robbed!!!”

“Oh, that ‘Chase’,”

“Noah (Gragson)sis way better.” – fans reaction

Others found humor in the situation, particularly regarding the leaked information by Christopher Bell. A fan sarcastically thanked Bell, saying, ‘Thanks a lot Christopher Bell for the leak 4 days ago,’ highlighting the mix of frustration and amusement that such leaks can generate within the fanbase.

The selection of Briscoe has unquestionably stirred the pot, sparking intense debate and drawing on deep-seated allegiances. While some celebrate Briscoe’s potential to rejuvenate the team with fresh energy, others remain staunchly critical, believing Elliott’s seasoned expertise would have been a safer bet. This decision by JGR will undeniably continue to be a hot topic, as fans and analysts alike scrutinize the implications for the upcoming racing season.

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Chase Briscoe’s Perspective and Future Plans

Acknowledging the whirlwind of fan reactions, Chase Briscoe has shared his excitement and strategic vision for his future with Joe Gibbs Racing. As the Stewart-Haas Racing (SHR) driver shifts to JGR, Briscoe is optimistic about the opportunities that lie ahead. His move to JGR comes at a pivotal time, given SHR’s announcement to sell their charters after the 2024 Cup Series season.

“I’m excited for this opportunity with Joe Gibbs Racing and Bass Pro Shops. From a competition standpoint, JGR is the place to be if you want to go win races week in and week out and to race for the championship every year. I am blessed that Johnny Morris and Bass Pro are on board to help us carry on the legacy of the 19 car.” – Briscoe

Briscoe’s enthusiasm is palpable as he joins the JGR lineup, which includes notable drivers such as Denny Hamlin, Christopher Bell, and Ty Gibbs. He expressed his gratitude for the support of Bass Pro Shops and their shared values, particularly those he holds as an avid outdoorsman.

“For me personally, being an avid outdoorsman, there’s a lot of pride in now being a part of the Bass Pro brand and I’m extremely grateful for this partnership. Getting to meet Johnny, I feel like I share a lot of the same values as him and Coach, and I’m ready to get to work and prove that they have made a great choice putting me in this car.”  – Briscoe

  • Consistent Performance: Leveraging JGR’s competitive edge to win races regularly and vie for annual championships.
  • Brand Alignment: Strengthening his association with Bass Pro Shops, enhancing both his personal brand and the legacy of the #19 car.
  • Team Synergy: Building strong relationships with fellow JGR drivers to foster a collaborative and winning environment.
  • Legacy Building: Honoring the heritage of JGR and contributing significantly to its storied history.

News in Brief: JGR Picks Chase Briscoe Over Chase Elliott

The decision by Joe Gibbs Racing to prioritize Chase Briscoe over Chase Elliott has sparked significant controversy within the fan community. Official statements from the team highlight strategic considerations, while social media showcases a polarized reception.

Fan comments reveal a deep-seated attachment to Elliott, complicating Briscoe’s shift. Briscoe’s perspective on the move and his future ambitions emphasize the complexities inherent in high-stakes racing decisions, spotlighting the dynamic and often contentious nature of professional motorsport affiliations.

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