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Brad Keselowski Praises Next Gen Car’s Road Course Dominance

Brad Keselowski Praises Next Gen Car: Brad Keselowski’s recent praise of the Next Gen car’s road course skills emphasizes a crucial shift in NASCAR’s vehicle dynamics. With advanced aerodynamics and the addition of a sequential gearbox, these cars are designed for accuracy and control, providing drivers with a more foreseeable experience on demanding road courses. While the decreased horsepower on shorter tracks continues to be a subject of discussion among drivers, Keselowski’s favorable comments show the Next Gen car’s flexibility and adjustability.

Key Highlights

  • Keselowski highlights improved handling of Next Gen cars on road courses.
  • He praises the predictable driving experience offered by Next Gen cars on road courses.
  • Enhanced aerodynamics and sequential gearbox contribute to the Next Gen cars’ road course dominance.
  • Keselowski notes the versatility and adaptability of Next Gen cars on diverse tracks.
  • He acknowledges that Next Gen cars perform exceptionally well on road courses compared to previous models.

Brad Keselowski’s Views on Next Gen Cars

Despite facing mixed results in road course races this season, Brad Keselowski has praised the Next Gen cars for their improved handling and forgiving nature on these challenging tracks. Keselowski’s endorsement is particularly notable given the broader spectrum of feedback on these vehicles.

While some drivers have voiced concerns over the reduced horsepower and performance limitations on short tracks, Keselowski has a more distinct perspective, especially regarding road courses.

The Next Gen cars have been engineered with a focus on versatility and adaptability. Key improvements include improved aerodynamics, independent rear suspension, and a sequential gearbox, which collectively elevate the car’s responsiveness and stability.

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Brad Keselowski’s Career Statistics and Season Performance

Brad Keselowski’s journey in the Cup Series, spanning 17 seasons, is marked by a consistent track record of success, highlighted by 36 victories, 258 top-10 finishes, and 18 poles over 538 starts. This impressive portfolio shows not only his longevity but also his ability to stay competitive across different eras of NASCAR racing.

Currently driving the No. 6 Ford Mustang for RFK Racing, Keselowski’s performance this season emphasizes his enduring skill. Securing a win at the Goodyear 400 at Darlington Raceway, Keselowski has reinforced his reputation as a strong contender. His season statistics further solidify this status, with six top-5 finishes and two extra top-10s, showing his adaptability and consistency on a variety of tracks.

However, Keselowski’s road course performances have been noticeably less dominant this season, evidenced by challenging outings at Circuit of the Americas and Sonoma Raceway. These results stand in contrast to his otherwise strong showing and indicate an area that might require strategic adjustments. Despite these setbacks, Keselowski’s overall performance remains strong, reflecting his experience and skill in going through the complexities of the Cup Series.

“I feel like the last half a dozen new tracks we’ve added are road courses. A road course is kind of like the easy thing to do. To add a road course to the schedule, there’s plenty of them, it’s not really hard to make one.” – (Keselowski)

Brad Keselowski’s Concerns about NASCAR Operations

Traveling the intricate terrain of NASCAR’s evolving operational dynamics, Keselowski has articulated pressing concerns regarding the financial sustainability of racing teams amidst rising costs and shifting media landscapes.

“Nothing gets cheaper. Nothing ever gets cheaper. […] If you look at headcounts in the teams, the headcounts went down generally 10-20 percent. The problem is inflation hit everybody by another 20, so you kind of nullified all those gains, and then the car costs more.” – (Keselowski)

During a conversation with fellow driver Kevin Harvick, Keselowski highlighted that despite efforts to manage expenses, including a 10-20 percent reduction in team headcounts, the benefits have been neutralized by an equivalent 20 percent inflationary increase. This inflation has effectively offset any gains made from the reduction in staffing, creating a financial quagmire for many teams.

Keselowski’s skepticism about future cost reductions is particularly pronounced in relation to car expenses. Even as NASCAR engages in ongoing charter negotiations, Keselowski remains unconvinced that these efforts will materially lower the financial burden on teams. The cost of maintaining and developing competitive vehicles continues to escalate, posing a substantial challenge for team owners and managers trying to balance their budgets.

Adding complexity is the shifting media landscape, especially the migration from traditional broadcasting to streaming services. Keselowski pointed out that this shift impacts how teams engage with their partners and sponsors. Traditional TV deals have long been a cornerstone of NASCAR’s financial ecosystem, offering stable and predictable revenue streams.

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Brad Keselowski’s Insights on NASCAR’s Schedule and Operations

Addressing the intricacies of NASCAR’s evolving landscape, Keselowski also analyzed the trend of incorporating more road courses into the schedule, arguing that it mirrors a broader shift in the sport’s operational priorities.

In his analysis, Keselowski emphasized that the adoption of additional road courses appears to be a more direct logistical and financial decision compared to the challenges of modifying or introducing new oval tracks. This shift, he suggests, indicates a strategic pivot that could redefine the traditional NASCAR experience.

Keselowski’s critical perspective, shared on platforms such as Harvick’s Happy Hour and Rubbin is Racing, highlights his belief that NASCAR is favoring the immediate feasibility of road courses over the intricate and costly proposition of developing new ovals.

“Yeah, the cars [Next Gen] are way more forgiving. You can just really hammer the brakes, where the car before this would like bounce and jump when you’re trying to get the brakes. Oh, wheel hop. It’s got a different rear axle in it. So it’s just more made for road courses than the car before this.” – (Keselowski)

Despite his personal preference for oval racing, Keselowski acknowledges the Next Gen cars’ impressive performance on road courses, particularly their advanced braking systems and improved handling capabilities.

His insights go beyond mere criticism; they indicate a deeper concern about maintaining the balance and essence of NASCAR’s diverse racing heritage. Keselowski’s observations suggest that while the Next Gen cars excel on road courses, the sport must carefully consider the implications of such changes on its identity and fanbase.

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News in Brief: Brad Keselowski Praises Next Gen Car

Brad Keselowski’s endorsement of the Next Gen cars emphasizes their superior handling and performance on road courses, attributable to advancements in aerodynamics and the inclusion of a sequential gearbox. This positive assessment showcases the cars’ adaptability and versatility, contrasting with concerns about horsepower on short tracks.

Keselowski’s observations offer valuable insights into the evolving dynamics of NASCAR’s technological advancements and their impact on racing conditions, highlighting the significance of continuous innovation in the sport.

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