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Kevin Harvick Proposes New Race Locations to NASCAR After Chicago Race’s Success

Kevin Harvick Proposes New Race Locations: The recent success of NASCAR races in Chicago Street Course has sparked a compelling conversation led by seasoned driver Kevin Harvick, who now champions the pursuit of new race venues. His vision extends beyond traditional tracks, eyeing bustling urban landscapes like Denver and Los Angeles as prime candidates for future events. Harvick, inspired by Chicago’s vibrant cityscape and robust community support, believes these metropolitan areas can bring fresh dynamism and growth into the sport. This shift in Harvick’s outlook marks a momentous moment in NASCAR’s evolution, suggesting a future path for race locations.

Key Highlights

  • Kevin Harvick suggests Denver and Los Angeles for future NASCAR expansions.
  • Harvick praises Chicago’s race success, demanding for more urban race locations.
  • Denver’s novelty and LA’s historical significance make them appealing options.
  • Harvick highlights the potential for increased fan engagement and media coverage.
  • He emphasizes the importance of strategic opportunities despite logistical challenges.

Chicago Street Course Races

The recent NASCAR races in Chicago displayed an unprecedented level of excitement and fan engagement, despite the Cup Series race being cut short due to fading daylight. This weekend marked a notable milestone as NASCAR ventured into the bustling streets of Chicago, a fresh and bold move that resonated well with all the seasoned racing enthusiasts and local spectators. The unique urban backdrop provided a dynamic contrast to the traditional oval tracks, infusing the event with a tangible energy and a sense of novelty.

Throughout the weekend, the enthusiasm was noticeable. Spectators were treated to a thrilling spectacle as drivers drove the challenging street course, displaying remarkable skill and adaptability. The urban environment, with its tight corners and varying surfaces, tested the drivers’ precision and control, resulting in a captivating exhibition of intense racing.

The decision to shorten the Cup Series race due to diminishing daylight, while disappointing to some, emphasized the importance of safety and adaptability in the sport. It also highlighted the potential for further refinement in scheduling and logistics for future urban races, ensuring that such events can continue to thrill audiences without compromising the drivers’ safety.

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Kevin Harvick’s Perspective

Reflecting on the recent Chicago races, Kevin Harvick, initially doubtful, now praises the event for its creative potential to reshape NASCAR’s future by exploring new metropolitan venues. Harvick’s shift in perspective highlights the transformative power of the Chicago races, which he detailed on his podcast, ‘Kevin Harvick’s Happy Hour.’ His newfound enthusiasm stems from witnessing firsthand how the event captivated not just racing enthusiasts but also a broader urban audience.

Harvick acknowledged the careful planning required to host such events in major cities, emphasizing that the logistical challenges are noteworthy but not insurmountable. “I think it opens up our options from a NASCAR standpoint as to the places we could go,” he stated.

“Obviously it takes some planning. But Chicago has been awesome.” – (harvick)

Harvick’s insights reveal a seasoned racer’s appreciation for the broader implications of the Chicago races. His praise is not merely about the excitement on the track but about the strategic opportunities it presents for NASCAR. By successfully hosting a race in Chicago, NASCAR showed its ability to adapt and thrive in diverse environments, potentially drawing in new fans and reinvigorating the sport’s traditional base.

Potential Cities for NASCAR Expansion

Identifying Denver and Los Angeles as prime contenders, Kevin Harvick envisions these cities as important opportunities for NASCAR’s urban expansion. Denver, a market untapped by NASCAR, presents a unique chance to penetrate the northwest, a region historically underserved by the sport. This city, situated against the Rockies, offers a picturesque backdrop and a growing population that could welcome the excitement of NASCAR racing.

“You look at markets like we haven’t gone to before, you look at a place like Denver. It’s a great place that you could kind of get a little bit further into the northwest and you could got to a city that really hasn’t seen NASCAR.” – (harvick)

Los Angeles, on the other hand, carries a storied history with NASCAR, though it currently lacks a permanent track. Harvick reminisces about the LA street races held outside the Coliseum, highlighting the city’s potential to host NASCAR events once again. Southern California’s vast entertainment industry and diverse population make it an ideal location for reintroducing the sport.

“And it even could be a fix for LA. We ran the LA street race there a long time ago with the Southwest Tour cars right outside of the Coliseum. And everybody looks for that Southern California, what are we going to do? We don’t have a racetrack type situation, and I think that could be an option there.” – (harvick)

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Kevin Harvick’s Change of Heart From Skepticism to Admiration

In the beginning, hesitant about NASCAR’s decision to race on the streets of Chicago, Kevin Harvick‘s direct experience at the event led to a remarkable shift in his perspective. Harvick, known for his open opinions, approached the Chicago street race with a level of skepticism that bordered on disdain.

“Well I went last year and I was like, ‘This is going to be the dumbest thing that we’ve done in my entire life.’” he admitted. However, upon witnessing the transformation of the urban landscape into a vibrant race venue, his stance softened significantly.

The careful setup of the track—with its banners, bridges, and strategically positioned signs—impressed Harvick. The placement of the track within the heart of Chicago created an immediate connection between the race and the city’s pulse, a dynamic he found particularly compelling.

“And I walked into the street course for the first time last year and I’m like, ‘Oh my God, this is really neat.’ With all the banners and the bridges and the signs and just where the track was positioned in Chicago. And everywhere we went last year, everyone knew we were there. Everyone was engaged to the event in the city, and that’s not been the typical response. When you went to LA, it wasn’t the typical feel. But in Chicago that is not the case.” – (harvick)

What truly swayed Harvick was the enthusiasm of the Chicago populace. In Chicago, NASCAR events did not just blend into the city. The residents were very interested and involved. “Everywhere we went last year, everyone knew we were there. Everyone was engaged to the event in the city,” Harvick observed.

Chicago Race Ambiance and Harvick’s Observations

Having experienced the impact of the Chicago street course race firsthand, Kevin Harvick turned his attention to the unique atmosphere that defined this year’s event. Freed from his broadcasting duties with FOX, Harvick had the luxury of observing the race with a focused stance, allowing him to truly immerse himself in the vibe that permeated the streets of Chicago.

“So this year watching it on TV and seeing the enthusiasm from the drivers and the competitors and looking at things on social media, it obviously had that same feel to it.” – (harvick)

Harvick noted the evident enthusiasm that emanated from the drivers and the spectators. The event was not just a race but a cultural experience that resonated across multiple platforms. He was particularly impressed with NASCAR’s ability to seamlessly integrate the race into the city.

“And I just, I love the fact that NASCAR has done such a good job with the promotion inside the city, and the city has embraced it. Xfinity race was good, the Cup race was good.” – (harvick)

NASCAR’s promotional efforts within the city were remarkably effective, creating a buzz that extended beyond the usual racing community. The city’s acceptance of the event was evident, with locals and visitors equally turning out in droves to participate in the festivities.

“To be able to get all the concerts and everything in this year, it gave it that complete festival feel. I know the race was shortened because rain and nobody really expected it, but we got it in and that was the completion of the event.” – (harvick)

The inclusion of concerts and other entertainment options lifted the event, transforming it into a holistic festival experience. Despite unforeseen weather challenges that shortened the race, the event was completed successfully, showing the resilience and adaptability of the organizers and participants.

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News in Brief: Kevin Harvick Proposes New Race Locations

The success of the Chicago races has sparked a crucial shift in NASCAR’s tactical outlook. Kevin Harvick demands for the exploration of new city locations such as Denver and Los Angeles. His enthusiasm highlights the potential for economic growth, community involvement, and creative racing experiences in diverse metropolitan settings.

Embracing urban backgrounds and large populations can propel NASCAR’s evolution. This can nurture greater inclusivity and enthusiasm in the sport’s future path.

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