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Welcome to Slicks and Sticks, your trusted destination for the latest NASCAR news, exclusive racer interviews, stories, team updates, crew chief insights, rumors, in-depth coverage of race tracks, and thrilling race highlights. We are dedicated to bringing you the pulse of the NASCAR world, straight from the track to your screen.

What We Cover

At Slicks and Sticks, we explore NASCAR inside out, giving you all the details you need:
Exclusive Racer Interviews: Step into the shoes of your favorite NASCAR drivers as we bring you exclusive interviews, revealing their thoughts, challenges, and victories.
Gossips and Rumors: Stay ahead of the curve with the latest buzz and behind-the-scenes stories circulating within the NASCAR world.
Team News: From lineup changes to strategies, we keep you updated on all the developments within NASCAR teams, offering insights into the inner workings of the sport.
Crew Chief Updates: Explore the pivotal role of crew chiefs with our detailed coverage, analysis of their decisions, and their impact on race outcomes.
Race Track Insights: Immerse yourself in the details of NASCAR tracks with our in-depth articles, highlighting the history, challenges, and iconic moments of these legendary circuits.
Rave Coverage: Experience the thrill of NASCAR races through our detailed coverage, race-day highlights, and post-race analyses.

Meet Our Writers

Khushal Bhatia

Khushal Bhatia, a distinguished B. A. (Hons) English graduate from St. Stephen College (University of Delhi) and a holder of a Post Graduate Diploma in Journalism (English) from IIMC Delhi, is an accomplished journalist. Currently affiliated with Slicksandsticks.com, Khushal is an expert in covering a range of sports topics with a specialization in motorsports, particularly NASCAR. His insightful articles explore the distinct world of sports, providing readers with comprehensive analysis and the latest updates. With a commitment to unbiased reporting, Khushal’s expertise and authoritative voice make him a reliable source for sports enthusiasts.

Aditya Raghuwanshi

Aditya Raghuwanshi is a sports journalist at SlicksAndSticks.com, specializing in NASCAR. With extensive experience of covering live races, he has explored the careers of prominent racers such as Kyle Busch, Kyle Larson, Chase Elliott, and Dale Earnhardt Jr. Aditya possesses in-depth knowledge of NASCAR, providing insightful analysis and comprehensive coverage of the sport.

Simran Kaur

Simran Kaur is a seasoned sports journalist specializing in NASCAR coverage. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for motorsports, she has extensively covered the NASCAR circuit, analyzing the careers of iconic drivers such as Dale Earnhardt Jr., Joey Logano, Denny Hamlin, Kyle Larson, and Kyle Busch. Simran’s expertise extends beyond writing; she has also provided live race reporting, offering fans an immersive experience into the heart-pounding action on the track. In addition to her journalistic pursuits, Simran is a trained graphic designer, bringing a creative edge to her work in both print and digital media. With a commitment to delivering accurate, insightful, and engaging content, Simran Kaur continues to be a trusted voice in the field of NASCAR journalism.

Fact Check

At Slicks and Sticks, we understand the importance of accuracy in reporting. Our dedicated team of journalists thoroughly fact-checks all information before publication. We strive to ensure that every article you read on our platform is verified, credible, and reliable. If you ever have any questions or concerns about the accuracy of our content, please reach out to us through our contact page, and we will address it promptly.

Our Commitment

At Slicks and Sticks, we are dedicated to providing unbiased and impartial reporting of NASCAR news for all the enthusiasts around the globe. Our company, established and run by NASCAR enthusiasts based in New Delhi, India strives to be your trusted source for all NASCAR news.

Editorial Guidelines

Quality Content: We provide top-notch content for readers seeking news related to NASCAR, ensuring the highest standards of journalistic excellence.
Human-Crafted: Our content is exclusively produced by human writers, ensuring authenticity and a personal touch in every article. We do not use AI to generate content.
Professional Editing: Each piece of content undergoes professional editing before publication, ensuring accuracy, clarity, and relevance.
Originality: We pride ourselves on delivering original, useful, and unbiased content to our readers, maintaining the integrity of our reporting.

Accuracy and Corrections

At Slicks and Sticks, we understand the importance of accuracy in reporting. We strive to ensure that all information presented on our platform is factual and verified. In the rare event of errors or inaccuracies, we are committed to promptly correcting them. If you come across any information that requires correction, please reach out to us through our contact page, and we will address it immediately.

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