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NASCAR Collaboration with The CW: A Game-Changing Alliance

NASCAR Collaboration with The CW: The impending partnership between NASCAR and The CW has been a welcomed surprise, as described by NASCAR’s SVP/Media and Production, Brian Herbst. He acknowledged that The CW’s entry into the sports business was unexpected, but their compelling vision for leveraging Nexstar assets on the local level and structuring the partnership proved enticing. This collaboration is not only financially promising but also holds potential for significant growth in the sport.

This change means that the Xfinity Series, which used to have only around five or six races on broadcast TV, will now enjoy a full 33-race schedule. Herbst emphasized that the opportunity from Nexstar allows them to leverage a fifth national network for the entire season, creating destination programming accessible to a broader audience on broadcast TV.

Nexstar’s President and COO, Mike Biard, views broadcasting Xfinity Series races as a substantial commitment for the company, marking the second step in their significant investment in The CW. Nexstar’s unique grassroots-level reach sets it apart, and the synergy of this local infrastructure, coupled with various activations, holds great importance for NASCAR.

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Biard went on to highlight that Nexstar considers the Xfinity Series as its “crown jewel,” indicating their dedication to nurturing and allocating all necessary resources to support it. The Xfinity Series is set to be their flagship property for the foreseeable future.

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Our Reader’s Queries

What is the CW NASCAR deal?

NASCAR recently revealed a seven-year agreement with the CW Network to air Xfinity Series races starting in 2025. The deal is valued at more than $115 million annually and is a significant milestone for the series as it will be the first time that all of its races will be available on free, over-the-air broadcast television.

What is the CW deal with Nascar Xfinity series?

The Xfinity Series of Nascar has inked a seven-year broadcast agreement with The CW Network. From 2025 to 2031, The CW will air all 33 races live, including practice and qualifying. The deal, reportedly valued at US$800 million, is a significant boost for the sport.

What is the new TV deal with NASCAR?

Starting June 16th, 2024, NBC Sports will air the last 20 Cup races of the season, including the first race at Iowa Speedway on USA Network. The championship race on November 10th will be broadcasted by NBC at Phoenix Raceway. This agreement marks the continuation of a 32-year partnership with NASCAR that began in 1983.

What is the Xfinity Series TV deal?

In a recent announcement, NASCAR revealed that the Xfinity Series will now be aired on CW, starting from 2025 until 2031. This deal includes 33 live races, as well as practice and qualifying events every weekend. Previously, Fox and NBC had the rights to broadcast the first 18 and 20 races, respectively. With this new agreement, fans can look forward to more exciting races on CW.

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