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Blaney Triumph: From Underdog to Cup Series Champion

Blaney Triumph: In an unexpected turn of events, Ryan Blaney, a consistent playoff contender, clinched his first NASCAR Cup Series championship at Phoenix Raceway on Sunday. While Blaney had been a fixture in the playoffs for the past seven seasons, his No. 12 Team Penske crew hadn’t mirrored his success in the owner championship category.

This year’s owner championship title went to a team that hadn’t even made the playoffs the previous year, a remarkable feat considering the fierce competition in NASCAR. Blaney, although playoff-bound, didn’t secure a win in the regular season, unlike many of his playoff-eligible peers.

One of the drivers who did secure a regular-season victory was Kurt Busch of 23XI Racing, winning at Kansas Speedway in May. Despite Busch’s subsequent withdrawal from the playoffs due to a head injury, his victory at Kansas ensured his team’s spot in the owner playoffs. Meanwhile, Blaney’s No. 12 team found themselves on the outside, even though Blaney himself made it into the playoffs.

Last season, Blaney advanced to the round of 8, showcasing his potential, but his team could only manage a 17th-place finish in the owner standings, the highest possible for a non-playoff team. However, this season, Blaney and his No. 12 team made significant strides, with Blaney securing his first Championship 4 appearance. The team’s journey to the top was solidified when Blaney won the round of 8 finale at Martinsville Speedway, propelling them into the Championship 4 alongside other top contenders.

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In 2018, Joey Logano and the No. 22 squad won the championship after missing the playoffs. squad Penske was in a similar predicament. In 2022, Blaney’s squad missed out, demonstrating their perseverance and resolve to win in 2023.

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Our Reader’s Queries

What is Ryan Blaney’s annual salary?

Ryan Blaney’s estimated annual salary is a whopping $2 million. In terms of career victories, as of 2023, he has secured an impressive 7 wins in the NASCAR Cup Series.

As a full-time competitor in the NASCAR Cup Series, he takes the wheel of the No. 12 Ford Mustang Dark Horse for Team Penske. With a championship title under his belt from the 2023 NASCAR Cup Series, he’s proven himself as a force to be reckoned with on the track. His racing roots run deep, as the son of former NASCAR driver Dave Blaney and the grandson of modified dirt track racer Lou Blaney.

Has Ryan Blaney ever won a race?

Blaney boasts an impressive track record with seven career victories in the NASCAR Xfinity Series and four in the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series. His exceptional driving skills have earned him a well-deserved reputation as a top contender in the racing world. With a proven track record of success, Blaney is a force to be reckoned with on the track.

What kind of car does Blaney drive?

Ryan Blaney is a rising star in the NASCAR Cup Series, commanding attention as he pilots the #12 Ford Mustang for Team Penske. With his impressive skills and talent, Blaney is definitely a driver to keep an eye on this season.

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