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NASCAR TV Ratings at Phoenix 2023: Thrills and Triumphs Captivate Viewers

NASCAR TV Ratings at Phoenix 2023: In a nail-biting climax at Phoenix Raceway, the NASCAR Cup Series bid adieu to the thrilling 2023 season. Ryan Blaney emerged as the triumphant hero, snatching the coveted Cup Series championship by outmaneuvering Kyle Larson after the final pit stops. Despite his valiant efforts, William Byron couldn’t muster the necessary speed, while Christopher Bell grappled with early brake issues, hampering his race.

The event proved to be a rollercoaster of excitement, providing fans with heart-pounding moments and crowning a fresh Cup Series champion. Blaney’s victory not only marked his personal triumph but also secured back-to-back titles for Team Penske, adding another glorious chapter to their legacy. Delving into the NASCAR TV ratings, the race at Phoenix Raceway commanded an average viewership of 2.920 million on NBC. While this figure saw a slight dip of 9.1% compared to last year’s 3.213 million viewers on NBC, it still captivated a significant audience, showcasing the sport’s enduring appeal.

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As the curtains fall on the 2023 season, NASCAR enthusiasts eagerly anticipate the adrenaline-fueled spectacle of the Daytona 500 in February 2024. Looking back on the past year, the sport fondly recalls the unforgettable moments and sets its sights on building upon this excitement for the upcoming season.

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Our Reader’s Queries

How many people watch NASCAR in Phoenix?

Ryan Blaney’s first Cup Series win at Sunday’s NASCAR Championship Race in Phoenix was watched by 2.92 million viewers on NBC. However, this was the lowest number of viewers for a season finale since 2001, with a 9.1% decrease from last year’s finale.

What are the ratings for the 2023 NASCAR series?

The premier stock car racing series has an average viewership of 2.86 million across NBC, Fox, FS1, and USA Network. However, the 2023 Nascar Cup Series experienced a five percent decline in viewership compared to the previous year. Despite this, the series still managed to maintain a substantial audience across multiple networks.

How many people watch NASCAR Xfinity Series?

In 2023, NBC Sports had its most successful Xfinity Series season since 2017, with an average of over 1 million viewers. The 2023 NASCAR Cup Series, which aired on NBC, USA Network, Peacock, and NBC Sports Digital, also saw a significant increase in viewership. Across 20 races, the Total Audience Delivery reached 2.47 million viewers, marking a notable improvement from previous years. These impressive numbers demonstrate the continued popularity and appeal of NASCAR racing among fans.

How many people watched the 2023 daytona 500?

The 2023 Daytona 500 saw a peak viewership of 10.1 million, marking a significant increase in household share since 2016. Impressively, 15% of the national audience tuned in to catch the action. This is a testament to the enduring popularity of this iconic event, and a clear indication that it continues to captivate audiences across the country.

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