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Blaney Beard Debate: A Hairy Situation at Home

Blaney Beard Debate: The recent days have undoubtedly been filled with joy for Ryan Blaney. As the holiday season approaches, a massive celebration is expected in the Blaney household, now that he is the Cup Series champion. While the 29-year-old celebrated lifting the Cup Series trophy with his loved ones, he has been navigating some disagreements with his partner. Now, she has enlisted some support to double down on her arguments.

Ryan Blaney and Gianna Tulio, a couple for three years and one of the most beloved pairs in NASCAR, sometimes find themselves at odds when it comes to appearances, particularly facial hair. Despite being a talented and dedicated driver in the Cup Series, Blaney is known for experimenting with different looks, and one aspect that bothers Tulio is his mustache.

In a recent interview, the 2023 Cup Series champion shared his facial hair traditions. As the Cup Series enters the playoffs, Blaney begins growing out his facial hair, maintaining a clean-shaven look for most of the year but letting his beard grow out until January the following year.

“I grow it during the playoffs, I do it every year and it stays with me all through the winter. Then I shave it off for media day in January. She likes it, she wishes I would trim a little bit more than I do. I let the mustache grow out too far and she doesn’t like that, but I think a strong mustache makes a man like if you can go and get ‘stached that’s pretty awesome. So you can’t take away that power. So she puts up with it and I thank her for it. It’s only a few months in a year too that she has to put up with it,” explained Blaney.

Even as he grows out his beard, his mustache becomes a point of contention for Tulio, a successful model with an eye for fashion and beauty. Despite differing opinions, Blaney stands firm in his facial hair choices, appreciating his partner’s tolerance.

Barstool Racing host Large, however, sided with Tulio during the interview, expressing straightforward views on which facial hair look suited Blaney better. Tulio shared part of the interview on her Instagram story, captioning it, “Some brutally honest facial hair talk with Cup Series champ.”

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Tulio, a constant supporter of Ryan Blaney, frequently attends race tracks to support him. After his Cup Series victory, she shared a powerful picture on her Instagram Story, captioning it, “You made history baby.”

While celebrating his historic win, Ryan Blaney will be looking ahead to the 2024 season, aiming to repeat his success. For now, the 2023 Cup Series champion deserves a well-earned break to spend and celebrate with his loved ones.

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