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NASCAR Personality Puzzle: How Driver Image Impacts the Sport’s Popularity

NASCAR Personality Puzzle: Hendrick Motorsports had a prime opportunity to secure the Cup Series championship with two drivers in the title race, but the victory slipped through their fingers. Despite the disappointment for Rick Hendrick and his team, NASCAR veteran Kyle Petty made a less-than-flattering comparison between the Hendrick drivers and one of their main rivals, Joe Gibbs Racing, specifically pointing to Christopher Bell.

Heading into the Phoenix weekend, Rick Hendrick likely felt confident, with both Kyle Larson and William Byron considered strong favorites for the title. However, the ultimate goal eluded them this season, contributing to the ongoing issue of NASCAR’s declining popularity.

Discussing this matter, Kyle Petty drew parallels between the two Hendrick championship drivers and Christopher Bell in terms of their personalities. Petty expressed that Larson’s 2021 Cup Series win didn’t significantly impact the sport’s popularity, and Byron and Bell face similar challenges in finding a compelling public image.

“We’ve had Kyle Larson as a champion, so you have that track record. William Byron is still trying to find his personality in a lot of ways, and Christopher Bell, the same way. Christopher Bell comes across better when you don’t talk to him on air than when you do talk to him on air. He’s got to make that transition,” commented the 63-year-old on a recent episode of Fast Talk.

Petty also highlighted that with Ryan Blaney as the Cup Series champion, NASCAR has a golden opportunity to market a star with more personality than the aforementioned three. He believes Blaney’s cultural knowledge, including his love for Star Wars, can help him connect with younger audiences.

“I think that is the time because we do have an opportunity. I think the sport does have an opportunity with Ryan’s cultural vast knowledge of Star Wars and everything else that he’s a fan of to throw him out there into that generation and say hey I’m a player out here too and you can relate to me,” added Petty.

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While Kyle Petty praises Ryan Blaney as the Cup Series champion, he admitted his earlier mistake when drawing comparisons between Blaney and Kasey Kahne in terms of fully capitalizing on potential. After securing his first Cup Series title, Blaney responded to Petty’s previous comments, asserting, “It takes a lot to be good in this sport. I know Kyle Petty says that I never do anything, but hopefully, I proved him wrong tonight.”

In response, Kyle Petty acknowledged his error in judgment and congratulated the Team Penske star. “As well, he should have! I deserve it! With NASCAR’s biggest prize in the bag, Ryan Blaney will perhaps have the best holiday season out of anyone in the Cup Series this year. He has earned the plaudits from experts across the country and given his level of dedication, it is well deserved.”

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