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Ken Squier Health Challenges: A NASCAR Legend’s Struggle

Ken Squier Health Challenges: Ken Squier, the beloved former lap-by-lap commentator for NASCAR on CBS, has been a cherished figure in the NASCAR community. However, recent updates on his health paint a somber picture.

In a series of social media posts, Dave Moody, host of Sirius XM Speedway, shared concerning details about Squier’s health. Moody revealed that Ken, unfortunately, couldn’t attend a recent event, and his family has indicated that he is likely in his final days. The past three years have posed significant health challenges, including shingles, a severe bout of COVID-19, a minor stroke, and a recent fall resulting in a fractured pelvis. Despite facing these hurdles, Squier was on the road to recovery until another medical issue arose.

Moody expressed that the recent events were overwhelming for Squier. He mentioned that an event at the New England Racing Museum (NERM) focused on praising Squier, and despite the NASCAR legend’s probable discomfort with the attention, Moody wished Ken could have been present to hear the accolades.

Ken Squier, a NASCAR Hall of Famer renowned for his contributions to the sport, was recently honored at Legends Day at the NERM. Fellow honorees Mike Joy, Dr. Dick Berggren, Jack Arute, and Alan Bestwick shared great stories about Squier at the event. Despite his absence, mixed emotions filled the day.

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Squier, who called NASCAR races from 1979 to 1999, coined the term ‘Great American Race’ for the annual Daytona 500. As he approaches his final days, the NASCAR community reflects on his significant contributions and the lasting legacy he leaves behind. In these challenging times, thoughts, prayers, and support are extended to Ken Squier’s family as they navigate the difficult weeks ahead.

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What did Ken Squier pass away from?

Squier passed away at the age of 88 due to complications arising from an intestinal blockage in Stowe, Vermont on November 15, 2023.

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