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Kevin Harvick Bids Farewell: A NASCAR Legend’s Final Chapter at Phoenix

Kevin Harvick Bids Farewell: In the fading Arizona sun, Kevin Harvick closed the chapter on his illustrious 23-year NASCAR Cup Series career. The 47-year-old veteran concluded his final race with a commendable seventh-place finish at Phoenix Raceway, a track where he has historically excelled, boasting nine wins and 21 consecutive top-10 finishes.

Harvick’s farewell race was marked by moments of brilliance, briefly leading the pack on lap 93, eliciting cheers from the crowd. The Phoenix track has always held a special place in Harvick’s heart, considering his West Coast roots. Speaking about his achievements at Phoenix, Harvick expressed gratitude, saying, “To do that 21 times, win nine races, I’m so fortunate.”

As he climbed out of his No. 4 Ford Mustang for the last time, Harvick’s stoic demeanor cracked ever so slightly. Reflecting on his emotional journey, Harvick acknowledged his family’s presence, highlighting a touching radio exchange with his children before the race. His usually composed façade wavered, revealing a glimpse of the sentimental side beneath.

Teammate and co-owner Tony Stewart praised Harvick, underscoring his exceptional qualities as a driver and team leader. “Kevin Harvick is probably the most well-rounded driver out there,” Stewart remarked. “I would challenge anyone to find someone in the series as a driver that can do all those aspects as well as Kevin.”

Harvick’s departure marks a significant transition for Stewart-Haas Racing, with additional changes slated for 2024, including the departure of Aric Almirola. Despite the bittersweet atmosphere, Harvick’s legacy in NASCAR is undeniable, leaving behind a remarkable record of 60 Cup Series victories.

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With a grin, Harvick embraced the uncertainty of the future, asking, “What now?” The answer remains unwritten, but Harvick’s impact on the sport is etched in the annals of NASCAR history. His remarkable journey, marked by triumphs and challenges, has left an indelible mark, ensuring his legacy as one of NASCAR’s greats.

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Our Reader’s Queries

Will Kevin Harvick race in 2024?

NASCAR fans were taken aback when Kevin Harvick, the 2014 champion and future Hall of Famer, revealed his retirement plans. However, it was also announced that he would be joining the FOX Sports broadcast booth for the 2024 season. This move will undoubtedly bring a fresh perspective to the sport and provide fans with a unique insight into the world of NASCAR. Harvick’s decision to retire may be bittersweet, but his new role in the industry is sure to be exciting.

What is Kevin Harvick going to do now?

Following his retirement announcement, the Bakersfield, California native has confirmed his new landing spot for 2024. It’s a move that many had anticipated for some time – the Fox Sports broadcast booth.

How many times has Kevin Harvick won at Phoenix?

It’s hardly a shock that Harvick was a force to be reckoned with in Phoenix, a track that he’s always excelled at. With nine victories under his belt and a remarkable 21 consecutive top 10 finishes to cap off his career, Harvick’s prowess on the track is undeniable. In his final race, he even managed to briefly take the lead, passing William Byron on lap 93 to the delight of the cheering crowd.

What team does Kevin Harvick own?

KHI, or Kevin Harvick, Inc., is a racing team founded by former NASCAR Cup Series driver Kevin Harvick and his wife DeLana. DeLana is the daughter of former Busch Series driver John Linville. KHI has owned cars in the NASCAR Nationwide Series, Truck Series, and the ARCA Re/Max Series.

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