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Auto Club Speedway Transformation: The End of an Era and the Birth of a New Vision

Auto Club Speedway Transformation: Fontana, California’s iconic Auto Club Speedway has now been reduced to rubble, a significant step toward its anticipated redevelopment. The demolition of the long-standing track, which concluded its final race back in February, is currently in progress, evident in a recent satellite image obtained by The Drive.

The remnants of the once-thriving NASCAR oval are visible from space, showcasing a landscape where most of the paved track and access roads still stand, albeit with many facilities and grandstands already dismantled. Among the remnants, one small grandstand persists, expected to remain amid the ongoing reconstruction. The new vision for the site involves the construction of a high-banked, half-mile oval, a stark departure from the former two-mile configuration, while retaining the current seating arrangement.

NASCAR President Steve Phelps shared insights during the annual State of the Sport conference, emphasizing the upcoming transformation: “It’s going to be a short track. Most likely be a half-mile racetrack. What exactly that looks like… We’ve got renderings, we’ve got what it looks like. We are ready to go when the time is right.”

Images depict the sheer scale of the former two-mile oval’s footprint and its surrounding facilities during the ongoing demolition. Plans for the new smaller track include an adjacent industrial park featuring several buildings, estimated by NASCAR to take about 18 months for completion post-construction commencement. According to a Los Angeles Times report from February following the Speedway’s closure, the future facility promises enhanced dining choices and improved seating comfort.

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While reactions on’ Twitter reflect sadness among NASCAR enthusiasts witnessing the end of the old track, paired with apprehension about the downsized replacement, the reality stands: the iconic venue, in existence for merely 26 years, has met its end. Concurrently, NASCAR intends to continue race hosting at the Los Angeles Coliseum as the development of the new facility progresses.

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Our Reader’s Queries

What are they changing Auto Club Speedway to?

NASCAR president Steve Phelps has confirmed that the demolition of the 2-mile oval in Fontana, California has commenced. The plan to replace Auto Club Speedway with a short track remains unchanged.

Why is NASCAR not going to race at Fontana anymore?

Regrettably, despite our best efforts, we will not be able to hold a race on the new track in 2024, according to Auto Club Speedway president Dave Allen. The track is set to undergo a major renovation, including a reduction in length from its current two miles. However, the exact length and configuration of the new track have yet to be finalized.

Who is buying Auto Club Speedway?

Hillwood Development, owned by Ross Perot Jr., has acquired Fontana’s Auto Club Speedway, which has been in operation for almost three decades. The property will be transformed into a state-of-the-art logistics hub, with a multi-million dollar investment.

Does NASCAR still race Auto Club Speedway?

Following Sunday’s 400-mile NASCAR Cup Series race in Fontana, the beloved 2-mile, high-speed Auto Club Speedway (ACS) that NASCAR has raced on since 1997 will be no more.

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