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Grab the Wheel Campaign by NAPA and TechForce Fuels Technician Careers

Grab the Wheel Campaign by NAPA: Amid National Apprenticeship Week, NAPA, teaming up with the TechForce Foundation, has just launched its “Grab the Wheel” campaign. This vibrant initiative aims to fuel the passion of upcoming technicians and is part of a larger push to recruit a whopping one million automotive and aviation tech enthusiasts over the next five years.

From November 13 to 30, aspiring candidates can dive into the pool of opportunities by applying for The NAPA Success for Techs Scholarships. This fall, five lucky recipients will snag scholarships that set them up with a toolkit and financial support to kickstart their careers in the technician realm. The lowdown on applications and submission requirements can be found on the TechForce Foundation website.

Jason Rainey, the NAPA Auto Care vice president, is all about showcasing the myriad possibilities in the technician field. “It’s more than just fixing cars,” Rainey stressed. “There’s a clear path in the auto world and chances to delve into other modes of transportation like motorsports, aviation, and aeronautics. Plus, with the surge of EV, they’re at the tech frontier.”

The “Grab the Wheel” campaign, part of the National Apprenticeship Week buzz, is set to spotlight stories from the tech sector, including:

  • Jeff Gordon, Hendrick Motorsports vice chairman and NASCAR Hall of Famer, shedding light on the pivotal role of technicians and pit crews in racing. He’s fully on board with NAPA and TechForce’s drive to amplify careers in this field.
  • Chad Knaus, the legendary crew chief with a whopping five consecutive Cup Series championships under his belt, emphasizes the sheer importance of technician education in NASCAR’s safety and success.
  • Erica Smith, who kickstarted her journey from “backyard mechanic” to a top-notch automotive technician in Bakersfield, California, shares her inspiring tale after receiving a NAPA toolkit through the Women in Auto Care Scholarship.

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NAPA’s commitment goes beyond scholarships. Their NAPA Auto Care Apprenticeship Program opens doors for budding technicians, guiding them toward coveted positions in the automotive industry. This initiative aids participants in completing their ASE certifications within 18 to 24 months. Not long ago, NAPA, partnering with Women in Auto Care, doled out 20 toolkits to female students with an eye on the auto care industry. Moreover, NAPA’s collaboration with Universal Technical Institute (UTI) is a strategic step supporting future careers in the transportation and aftermarket auto repair industries.

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Khushal Bhatia
Khushal Bhatia
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