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Brad Keselowski on RFK Racing: Reflecting on Progress and Ambitions

Brad Keselowski on RFK Racing: In a recent interview, Brad Keselowski, the co-owner of RFK Racing, took a retrospective look at the team’s journey through the 2023 NASCAR season.

The inception of RFK Racing came about with Keselowski’s acquisition of an ownership stake in Roush Fenway Racing in 2022. Although the inaugural season hinted at potential, it was in 2023 that the team truly began to unveil its latent capabilities.

While RFK Racing clinched only a solitary victory at Bristol last season, courtesy of Chris Buescher, this year showcased marked improvement. Buescher’s consecutive wins in Michigan, followed by a triumph in the final race of the regular season in Daytona, marked significant highs for the team.

Both RFK drivers, Buescher and Keselowski, securing playoff spots hinted at the promising trajectory of the brand-new team. However, Keselowski’s elimination at the end of Round 2 and Buescher’s exit in Round 3 dashed any hopes of a potential title challenge from RFK Racing.

Reflecting on RFK Racing’s 2023 performances, Brad Keselowski remarked, “I think the overarching theme is ‘pleased, not satisfied.’ Pleased with the progress, yet not content with our current standing.”

Comparing his team’s displays from this year to the previous season, the 39-year-old reflected, “There were moments last year when our performance didn’t inspire much confidence. But in late summer, we often appeared to have two of the strongest cars on the track.”

Maintaining an optimistic stance for the upcoming season while critically evaluating his team’s playoff performances, Keselowski added, “Things didn’t entirely come together when it counted. That’s part and parcel of racing, as in sports and life. If we synchronize all elements, both our cars can contend for championships.”

Despite RFK Racing’s successful entry into playoffs in only their second season, Brad Keselowski holds a nuanced perspective on the team’s accomplishments. He noted, “We’re pleased to be able to say that; it wasn’t within our reach last year. Yet, we’re unsatisfied with our inability to fully capitalize on it.”

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Underlining the latter part of the season where neither driver could replicate their regular season form, the 2012 Cup Series champion emphasized, “Especially in those final 8 races, or perhaps the last four to six races. That’s the hurdle ahead for us—achieving the performance level we aspire to.”

With an encouraging season now in their rearview mirror, Brad Keselowski and his team need to regroup, assimilate lessons from their setbacks, and gear up for the upcoming Cup Series season.

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