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DNF Woes: Examining 2023 NASCAR Cup Series Drivers’ Struggles

DNF Woes: Throughout the Cup Series, Austin Dillon faced challenges, leading in failed finishes across ten races and concluding the season with an average finish of 21.8, marking the lowest of his full-time career.

Transitioning into the Next Gen era, Dillon’s track record changed significantly, tallying 23 DNFs in seven full-time seasons. Remarkably, he had a flawless rookie year in 2014 with no DNFs, but with the Next Gen car, he’s clocked 18 DNFs over two seasons.

This season saw four Cup drivers enduring six or more DNFs, notably Kyle Larson, who secured second place in the championship standings. Seven drivers shared the mark of four DNFs, including Jimmie Johnson, who faced DNFs in all three of his starts.

However, amidst these struggles, Corey LaJoie emerged as the sole full-time driver in the Cup without a DNF, a testament to his consistency on the track.

DNF Woes (2)

In a breakdown of the drivers with the most DNFs this season:

  1. Austin Dillon (10) – He had eight DNFs in 2022, marking the second-highest in the series.
  2. Kyle Larson (8) – Larson experienced seven DNFs in 2022.
  3. Kyle Busch (6) – In his final season with Joe Gibbs Racing, Busch recorded six DNFs in 2022.
  4. Daniel Suarez (6) – Suarez faced four DNFs in 2022.
  5. Bubba Wallace (5) – Wallace encountered seven DNFs in 2022.
  6. Joey Logano (5) – Prior to winning his second Cup championship, Logano had four DNFs in 2022.
  7. Ty Gibbs (5) – Gibbs notched four DNFs in 2022 during his 15 starts with 23XI Racing.
  8. Ryan Preece (5) – Making two starts for Rick Ware Racing, Preece encountered one DNF in 2022.
  9. Christopher Bell (4) – Bell faced six DNFs in 2022 before entering the Championship 4 for the first time.
  10. Ross Chastain (4) – Chastain encountered five DNFs in 2022 before making his first Championship 4 appearance.

The season was marked by drivers grappling with DNFs, impacting their performance and standings across the races, showcasing the challenges faced by these athletes throughout the series.

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