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Roger Penske Formula 1 Return: Revisiting Racing’s Grand Stage?

Roger Penske Formula 1 Return: Roger Penske stands among the elite few in the world of motorsports ownership, with an illustrious track record spanning championships across different racing genres. While Hendrick Motorsports maintains its dominance in NASCAR’s premier series, Penske’s squad has been steadily climbing the ladder, culminating in back-to-back championships, marking a notable shift in the team’s legacy. Penske’s influence extends not only through NASCAR but also firmly into the realm of IndyCars.

Renowned primarily for his command in the IndyCar realm, Penske has consistently explored diverse avenues within motor racing. However, with Ryan Blaney securing the 2023 Cup Series championship, could Penske’s revived interest signal a potential expansion into Formula 1?

As the curtain falls on the stock car racing season, the European counterpart, Formula One, embarked on a unique endeavor in Las Vegas. Despite initial obstacles threatening the race’s viability, F1 successfully unfolded its spectacle in Sin City after months of global traversing.

While Formula 1 drivers navigated the streets of Las Vegas, avoiding manholes, NASCAR drivers, including Denny Hamlin and Kyle Busch, were spotted in the race paddock and grandstands. Notably, speculation swirled that Team Penske’s owner, Roger Penske, and his son Greg Penske, graced the Formula 1 paddock.

According to reports, “Roger Penske and Greg Penske both attended @F1LasVegas last night, per people familiar.” Given Penske’s stature, his presence in Las Vegas might imply underlying business motives rather than mere spectatorship. Could this suggest a potential move to own an F1 team, expanding beyond NASCAR and IndyCars?

Speculation arises from Penske’s prior ownership of a Formula 1 team that didn’t achieve the success paralleling the Indy Series. Nevertheless, Penske’s foray into the European racing domain, where American successes have been scarce, was a noteworthy feat.

Roger Penske Formula 1 Return (2)

In 2019, discussions emerged about Penske’s potential interest in acquiring the Mercedes Petronas AMG F1 team after Mercedes-Benz stepped away from daily operations. However, these plans didn’t materialize. With the Penske family’s recent appearance, speculation reignites regarding their contemplation of an F1 team purchase.

Penske’s potential interest in Formula 1 could stem from his historic involvement. Early F1 viewers from the ’70s would recall Penske’s entries with the McLaren chassis. Notably, their F1 venture saw immediate success when a McLaren, backed by Penske, secured a podium finish at the 1971 Canadian GP. Mark Donohue, an American, drove the car. Despite a hiatus until 1974, Penske returned part-time, eventually earning their maiden F1 victory at the 1976 Austrian GP, the last win by an American-licensed team in F1.

Drawing parallels between historical and current success, Penske’s recent triumphs in the NASCAR Cup Series mirror the onset of their prosperous IndyCar era in 1977. Could this success prompt Penske’s return to F1, or is it mere conjecture?

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Our Reader’s Queries

Will Formula 1 come back to Indianapolis?

Following the 2007 United States Grand Prix, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and F1 made a joint announcement that there would be no further Grand Prix events at the racetrack in the foreseeable future. The two parties were unable to reach an agreement that satisfied both sides, resulting in the decision to discontinue the event.

Does Penske race in Formula 1?

Since its debut at the 1966 24 Hours of Daytona, this organization has been a force to be reckoned with in the world of professional racing. With a track record that includes Formula One, Can-Am, Trans Am, and Australia’s Supercars Championship, they have proven themselves to be a versatile and skilled team. Their dedication to excellence and passion for the sport is evident in every race they compete in. Whether on the track or off, this organization is a true leader in the world of motorsports.

Does Roger Penske own the Indy 500?

Penske Corporation holds the reins of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, the Indianapolis 500, and the IndyCar Series. The acquisition of this prestigious sporting event was a strategic move by Penske, who saw it as a long-term investment for his family and the corporation. This purchase also ensures the continuation of one of the most celebrated traditions in sports.

How much is the Penske family worth?

Penske, a former race car driver, is the proud owner of various automobile dealerships, automotive race teams, truck rentals, IndyCar, and the iconic Indianapolis Motor Speedway. According to the magazine, his net worth is estimated to be a whopping $4 billion.

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