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Rick Fuller: The Unforgettable Moments of a NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour Legend

In the extensive annals of NASCAR history, tales of extraordinary moments abound. Few, however, rival the sheer incredibility of Rick Fuller’s feat at the New Hampshire 100, a luminary who claimed the spotlight in the realm of NASCAR’s Whelen Modified Tour. With an illustrious career boasting 20 wins, Fuller earned his place among the distinguished drivers in the history of Modified Racing.

Fuller’s journey commenced at the inception of the Whelen Modified Tour in 1985, marking his debut in the inaugural race. Nearly four decades down the line, the veteran remains revered not just for his victories or racing prowess but for a singularly unforgettable incident.

Seizing the 1993 NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour championship, Fuller followed in the footsteps of his brother Jeff Fuller, who secured the title the previous year. These consecutive triumphs undoubtedly marked an extraordinary era for the Fuller household. His legacy in the competition stands as a testament: 20 race wins, 145 top fives, and an impressive 231 top 10 finishes across 439 career starts in the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour.

Among his notable on-track moments lies an unparalleled instance: calling a race from inside his car. Adding a touch of drama, the seasoned racer took the lead while simultaneously commentating on the unfolding action around him. The sheer enthusiasm in his voice as he maneuvered into the lead was nothing short of expected.

In a wry moment, the former motorsports athlete, steering the blue #8 car in the New Hampshire 100, playfully ribbed Mike Joy, who had handed over the commentary reins. “Well, it’d sure be a heck of a lot easier from where you’re sitting, buddy,” quipped Fuller before delving into his impromptu commentary. Clearly, it was a day brimming with good spirits.

Mike Joy fondly reminisced about the incident, highlighting it as a pinnacle in both his and Fuller’s careers. The veteran commentator also recounted how his broadcast partner at the time, Buddy Baker, relished the moment, witnessing one of the most amusing yet epic episodes in motorsport history unfold before their eyes.

Fuller gracefully concluded his illustrious NASCAR Modified Racing career in 2008, marking the end of an era characterized by triumphs and titles.

While Fuller’s initial foray into competitive racing stemmed from weekly series action, his meteoric rise quickly garnered acclaim. Securing Late Model championships at Thompson and Westboro Speedways in 1980 and 1982, respectively, Fuller swiftly transitioned to the Modified division. Clinching the 1985 Thompson track championship, he confessed to that his winning streak encountered a formidable challenge upon joining the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour.

Rick Fuller (1)

“Early in my career, winning came relatively easy. Bagging 30 or 40 feature events wasn’t uncommon during my initial racing years. However, upon entering the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour exclusively, the landscape changed significantly. Winning just one or two races annually became a monumental achievement. Securing the championship was an entirely different beast,” Fuller recalled.

Today, Rick Fuller stands as an underrated legend revered for his racing prowess and a penchant for motor racing commentary. Where does the 1993 Whelen Tour champion rank in your motorsport pantheon?

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