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Jade Avedisian: Paving the Way Beyond Boundaries in NASCAR Racing

NASCAR’s rising star, Jade Avedisian, has been making waves throughout the 2023 season, leaving an indelible mark on the racing circuit. This time, her stellar performance shone on the dirt track, setting a blistering single-lap record at Merced Speedway during the recent USA NOS Energy Drink National Midget Series qualifying race.

Avedisian’s journey at Merced Speedway began in 2021, and over two years, she has exhibited exponential growth, marking her third outstanding appearance on the USAC Midgets circuit along the West Coast. Placed sixth in the point standings, she’s achieved a significant feat, becoming the inaugural female driver to lead the USAC national standings earlier in 2023.

The ongoing season has been a tapestry of firsts for Avedisian. Her remarkable debut as a rookie in the Chilli Bowl Nationals saw her secure a podium finish, clinching third place with Keith Kunz Motorsports. This achievement fueled her confidence, serving as a cornerstone for her subsequent endeavors.

Recent developments have only added to Avedisian’s triumphs. She recently inked a multi-year deal with Toyota, solidifying her association with the manufacturer, a bond that has frequently heralded success. Looking ahead to 2024, the young talent is poised to navigate the USAC National Midget and XTREME National Midget circuits aboard a Keith Kunz Motorsports midget car.

Her aspirations extend beyond the current landscape. Avedisian’s alliance with Nitro Motorsports for the Toyota GR Cup charts a path toward transitioning from dirt tracks to road course racing. ExxonMobil, Toyota Racing Development’s partner, is actively exploring sponsorship opportunities, securing placement on her vehicles for the upcoming 2024 season.

Her accolades include clinching a National Midget Championship, etching her name as the first woman to achieve this milestone. However, when probed about her unwavering determination and drive by Matt Weaver, Avedisian unequivocally expressed her ultimate ambition, stating, “I want to race on Sundays in the NASCAR Cup Series.”

Surrounded by the likes of Cup Series drivers Christopher Bell and John Hunter Nemechek within the Toyota Driver Development Program, Avedisian aims to emulate their success. With these accomplished drivers contending for championships in 2023, the newly crowned Midget Series champion is on a quest to walk a similar path.

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Despite her meteoric rise, Avedisian remains grounded, acknowledging the tough road ahead. Reflecting on her journey thus far, she attributes her accomplishments to her team’s relentless spirit and determination, emphasizing their pivotal role in her success.

While her sights are set on the pinnacle of racing in the Cup Series, Avedisian’s steadfast focus revolves around winning, irrespective of the track she competes on. Her ambition is unwavering, dedicated to maintaining a winning streak regardless of the circuit she’s racing on.

Her impressive track record has undoubtedly captured the NASCAR community’s attention. As the younger generation continues to produce prospective superstars across various racing domains, the future of NASCAR appears promising, riding on the shoulders of talents like Avedisian.

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