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NASCAR Shift to Streaming: A Pivotal Move or Bold Venture?

NASCAR Shift to Streaming: The racing world is witnessing a significant shift as NASCAR, acknowledging the growing dominance of streaming in today’s entertainment landscape, aims to forge deeper ties within this digital realm. Amidst talks of a new TV deal, speculations are rife regarding NASCAR’s impending announcement—a move that might chart an unconventional course.

Reports hint at NASCAR’s intent to amplify its streaming presence, elevating the number of races aired on digital platforms from six to ten in the upcoming 2024 season. This potential shift poses intriguing implications for established TV partners FOX and NBC, who have long shared the broadcasting rights for Cup, Xfinity, and Truck Series races since 2015.

While FOX and NBC are reportedly poised for re-engagement, the spotlight lingers on Prime Video and Turner’s Bleacher Report Sports, frontrunners vying for coveted streaming rights. However, amid the anticipated upheaval, drivers, teams, and stakeholders eagerly await the finalization of media income arrangements, crucial for each competitive entity.

Yet, the move to exclusively stream ten races could stir turbulence in the sponsorship realm, a critical lifeline for NASCAR teams. The sponsors’ foremost objective—eyeballs on the races—may face challenges as streaming audiences may not match the scale of traditional TV viewership. The potential impact on teams underscores the gravity of establishing an equitable revenue-sharing model.

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Demographics also enter the equation, highlighting the challenge of engaging a fan base historically inclined toward television. While a faction of fans may readily embrace streaming, achieving parity in viewership might necessitate a protracted journey.

With NASCAR’s TV viewership experiencing a downturn, the shift toward ten exclusive streamed races poses a gamble. Asking die-hard fans to pay extra for access to these races could shape the sport’s trajectory. As the sport navigates this pivotal juncture, the question looms: will this strategy yield long-term success? The verdict rests in the hands of the fans—what are your thoughts?

Our Reader’s Queries

Is NASCAR going streaming?

The NASCAR Cup series races are set to air on Fox for the first 14 events of the season, including the highly anticipated Daytona 500. Following this, Amazon will stream five races on its Prime Video platform, while Warner Bros. Discovery will simulcast the next five on both TNT and the B/R Sports tier on the Max streaming service. Fans can look forward to an exciting season ahead, with a variety of options to catch all the action.

What is the new media rights deal with NASCAR?

In a groundbreaking deal, the NASCAR Cup Series has signed on two new broadcast partners, Prime Video and TNT Sports, who will share coverage of 10 midseason races starting in 2025. These partners have also secured exclusive rights to practice and qualifying sessions for the entire Cup Series schedule until 2031. This move is set to bring fresh perspectives and exciting new coverage to the world of NASCAR racing.

What media rights does NASCAR have in 2025?

Starting from the 2025 NASCAR Cup Series season, there will be seven-year agreements with four broadcast partners – FOX Sports, NBC Sports, Amazon’s Prime Video, and TNT Sports (a division of Warner Bros. Discovery). These deals will continue until the 2031 season.

Can I watch NASCAR with Amazon Prime?

NASCAR fans in the U.S. can now enjoy live races from the comfort of their homes or on-the-go, thanks to the availability of streaming services across hundreds of compatible devices. Whether you prefer to stream from the web or use the Prime Video app on your smartphone, tablet, set-top box, game console, or connected TV, you can catch all the action. To find out if your device is compatible, simply visit

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