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NASCAR Future Broadcasting Plans: Insights from President Steve Phelps

NASCAR Future Broadcasting Plans: NASCAR President Steve Phelps shared significant insights during a recent webinar, shedding light on the sport’s future. Speaking at the Race Industry Week webinar series, Phelps hinted at expansions in the broadcast landscape for Cup races in 2025 and addressed the ongoing evolution of the racing schedule.

In Phelps’s talk, he hinted at a potential deal regarding the next Cup media rights, suggesting additional partners beyond NBC and Fox for broadcasting races from 2025 onward. Emphasizing the importance of diversifying broadcasting platforms, Phelps highlighted the strategic advantage of embracing both broadcast and streaming options.

The value of increased media rights fees goes beyond just the sport itself, benefiting teams seeking extended charter agreements beyond 2024. These charters ensure guaranteed race spots and additional financial support, a crucial aspect for teams’ stability and profitability.

Phelps underlined the financial challenges faced by race teams at the Cup level and outlined the necessity for revenue growth through media rights, stressing the importance of cost containment measures as well.

While seeking financial growth, NASCAR doesn’t plan to expand the number of races in the Cup schedule, remaining firm with 38 races. Phelps highlighted the importance of track attendance, indicating a willingness to relocate events if necessary.

Regarding race improvements, NASCAR continues to explore enhancements for short tracks and road courses, with upcoming tests at Phoenix Raceway to evaluate potential changes.

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However, one aspect that won’t see significant changes is the engine’s horsepower, with Phelps pointing out its cost implications and highlighting other potential areas for improvement, such as gearing and shifting strategies.

NASCAR’s commitment to evolving the Cup schedule remains strong, with new additions like Iowa Speedway while considering adjustments like the return of the Bristol spring race to concrete from dirt.

Phelps stressed the importance of scheduling races in locations that exhibit strong demand, aiming to engage and grow the sport’s fan base.

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Our Reader’s Queries

What is the new TV deal for NASCAR 2025?

In a groundbreaking deal, the NASCAR Cup Series has signed on two new broadcast partners, Prime Video and TNT Sports, who will share coverage of 10 midseason races starting in 2025. These partners have also secured exclusive rights to practice and qualifying sessions for the entire Cup Series schedule until 2031. This move is set to bring fresh perspectives and exciting new coverage to the world of NASCAR racing.

What is the new media deal with NASCAR?

Starting June 16th, 2024, NBC Sports will air the last 20 Cup races of the season, including the first race at Iowa Speedway on USA Network. The championship race on November 10th will be broadcasted by NBC at Phoenix Raceway. This agreement marks the continuation of a 32-year partnership with NASCAR that began in 1983.

What is the new deal with NASCAR?

NASCAR has secured a fresh media rights agreement that will span seven years, starting from 2025. The deal features the return of FOX Sports and NBC Sports, as well as the addition of new streaming partners, Amazon Prime Video and TNT Sports. This move is set to expand the reach of NASCAR’s coverage, providing fans with more options to watch their favorite races.

How much does Fox pay for NASCAR?

Starting from the 2025 season, NASCAR’s agreements with Fox, NBC, Amazon, and Warner Bros. will be in effect for seven years. These deals are worth a total of $7.7 billion, which translates to $1.1 billion per year. This is a significant increase of almost 40% compared to NASCAR’s current deals, according to industry sources.

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