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Tony Stewart Impact: Inspiring a Racing Generation, Including Chase Elliott

Tony Stewart Impact: In the world of motorsport, Tony Stewart stands as a multifaceted luminary. Beyond being a Cup Series team owner, he extends his influence as a racetrack owner and a formidable Dragster racer. His unique accolade as the sole driver to clinch championships in both the IndyCar Series and the NASCAR Cup Series makes him an iconic figure, inspiring many within the racing fraternity.

Chase Elliott, an eminent figure at Hendrick Motorsports, recently revealed to The Pure Athlete the profound impact that the stewardship of Stewart-Haas Racing’s owner, Tony Stewart, has had on his life. Surprisingly, this connection began long before Elliott embarked on his full-time journey as a Cup driver.

As the son of NASCAR legend Bill Elliott, it required considerable audacity for Chase Elliott, rooted in a family deeply entrenched in NASCAR, to openly express admiration for another racer. Yet, Elliott did just that, highlighting Tony Stewart as his personal favorite.

“It took some guts to say, ‘Hey, I think I like this other guy too’,” admitted Elliott. “Not that you’re completely changing loyalties, but expressing that was difficult. Tony was really that first one for me.”

Elliott reminisces that even today, Tony Stewart embodies the same persona he exhibited when Elliott was starting his racing journey. “He was such a good guy, so good with kids,” Elliott reminisced. “Seeing the way he interacts with Keelan, Kevin Harvick’s son, around the race track takes me back to my childhood with Tony.”

Reflecting on a poignant moment in his career, Elliott noted that his inaugural year in the Cup Series coincided with Tony Stewart’s final season, a cherished memory in his racing narrative.

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However, both Stewart and Elliott share a connection beyond admiration—an unconventional brush with NASCAR rules through waivers. NASCAR stipulates that a driver must compete in all 26 regular-season races to qualify for the playoffs. Yet, Elliott received an exception after missing six races due to a snowboarding injury. This waiver presented Elliott an opportunity: winning any of the remaining 18 races would secure his playoff berth.

In a parallel occurrence in 2016, Tony Stewart found himself in a similar position. An L1 vertebra fracture from an all-terrain accident led to Stewart missing eight races. Despite not clinching the Championship title, Stewart’s victory in a regular-season race secured his place in the playoffs for what ultimately marked his final season.

This connection through exceptional circumstances underscores the intertwined legacy of two influential figures in NASCAR history—Tony Stewart and Chase Elliott.

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Our Reader’s Queries

Why is Tony Stewart important?

Tony Stewart is a remarkable driver who has achieved a rare feat in the racing world. He is the only driver to have won championships in both the IndyCar Series and the NASCAR Cup series. He won the IndyCar Series championship in 1997 and went on to capture the prestigious NASCAR Cup series title in 2003, 2005, and 2011. His talent and dedication to the sport have made him a legend in the racing community.

Why did Tony Stewart quit NASCAR?

Tony Stewart’s love for drag racing led him to make the tough decision of leaving NASCAR. He wanted to be a part of something extraordinary and found just that in the drag racing community. This group of enthusiastic individuals is committed to taking the sport to new heights, and Tony is passionate about being a part of that journey.

What is Tony Stewart’s net worth 2023?

Tony Stewart, a prominent name in American racing, has had an impressive career filled with notable achievements. His net worth of $105 million in 2023 is a testament to his success as a three-time NASCAR Cup Series champion and co-owner of the esteemed Stewart-Haas Racing team.

Does Tony Stewart still own Eldora?

Tony Stewart, a three-time NASCAR Sprint Cup Champion, is the proud owner of the renowned ‘Big E’. The Indiana native acquired Eldora from the legendary promoter Earl Baltes in 2004. Baltes, who constructed Eldora in 1954, had been the sole proprietor of the facility since its inception.

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