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Bubba Wallace Photography Passion: A Snapshot Beyond the Track

Bubba Wallace Photography Passion: In the 2023 season, Bubba Wallace’s journey with 23XI Racing offered a mix of emotions. His season was marked by setbacks due to errors and pit crew issues, yet it held a sense of achievement as he secured his first career playoff appearance, marking a notable achievement for the Alabama native.

Reflecting back to 2020, amidst the global lockdowns prompted by the wrath of COVID-19, fans gained insight into one of Bubba Wallace’s significant hobbies. During an interview, Wallace unveiled his passion for photography, revealing how he finds himself in a different realm when behind the lens—a passion that ignited at Greenville Pickens Speedway in 2010.

Recalling the moment with Rev Racing, Wallace reminisced, “We were at a test session when I was with Revolution Racing… Greenville Pickens, a fun race track, I ran a couple times there in late models. I was gonna come up through the ranks, and my dad had his old Nikon in the backseat of his truck, and I grabbed it. That was 2010, and maybe that camera was from 2005.”

Despite his initial unfamiliarity with cameras, Wallace was determined to explore this newfound interest. “I was like, I’m gonna figure it out, I didn’t really know what I was doing,” he chuckled, initiating his photography journey.

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Later that year at Bristol Motor Speedway, Wallace purchased his own camera, discovering that while immensely enjoyable, photography also posed its challenges.

Wallace’s passion for photography extends to his post-racing aspirations. Once he hangs up his racing gear, his dream is to travel the world and capture breathtaking photographs.

Amusingly, despite his visibility in photoshoots and commercials, Wallace confesses a peculiar quirk—he’s more comfortable behind the lens. He admits to being distracted by the photographers’ equipment during shoots, losing focus on posing due to his fascination with the camera gear, quipping, “It’s always funny because I’m always eyeballing their equipment… that’s a nice lens, oh that’s 70/200… Oh, that’s 1635, like alright nice!”

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