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Off the Track with Ryan Blaney: Unfiltered Revelations on ‘Bussin’ With The Boys

Off the Track with Ryan Blaney: Ryan Blaney, fresh off celebrating his 2023 NASCAR Cup Series championship, enjoyed an eventful week filled with media engagements and surprises. Amidst the festivities, his episode on ‘Bussin’ With The Boys’ was released, offering valuable insights into the life of a race car driver and his experiences throughout the season.

During the podcast hosted by Taylor Lewan and Will Compton, Blaney discussed his passion for golf and the social aspect that often involves a few drinks on the course. Lewan, a former NFL offensive tackle, probed Blaney about drinking habits during the NASCAR season, acknowledging the differences in physical demands between racing and football.

Blaney humorously admitted to maintaining a drinking routine during the racing season, emphasizing that it wasn’t behind the wheel but more as a way to unwind off the track. He joked about the impossibility of abstaining from alcohol for the entire eight-month racing calendar, quipping, “If I had to go eight months during the season without drinking, I don’t know what I’d do.”

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Sharing a recent experience, Blaney recounted his team’s lively celebrations in Nashville, expressing concerns about their readiness for an upcoming parade. He mentioned his crew’s enthusiastic revelry on Broadway and humorously speculated about their state by the time the parade commenced.

Drawing parallels, Lewan likened the camaraderie to the spirited nature often found among NFL offensive line members. Blaney shed light on his pit crew, comprising former professional athletes, including ex-NFL players like Chris Conklin, formerly with the Panthers, highlighting a trend often seen within racing teams—an assembly of former athletes from various sports forming pit crews.

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Our Reader’s Queries

What is Ryan Blaney’s annual salary?

Ryan Blaney’s estimated annual salary is a whopping $2 million. In terms of career victories, as of 2023, he has secured an impressive 7 wins in the NASCAR Cup Series.

How much money does the NASCAR champion get?

The rewards of winning a championship for a driver are contingent upon their contractual agreement with the team. However, factoring in bonuses and the team’s percentage of the payout, the driver can expect to receive a minimum of $1 million.

Who sponsors Ryan Blaney in NASCAR?

The upcoming championship holds significant value for Menards, a long-time sponsor of Nascar. Menards joined forces with Blaney in 2018, when he transitioned from Wood Brothers Racing to Team Penske. The Menard family, including Paul Menard, son of founder John Menard, took over the No. car.

Did Dave Blaney ever win a race?

Despite his age, he continues to participate in several races annually, including those with the World of Outlaws. Recently, he achieved his 95th victory with the Series at Sharon Speedway, which he also owns. This year, he will once again take the wheel of his #10 Sprint Car for the Lou Blaney Memorial at Sharon Speedway on August 7th.

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