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Hybrid Technology in NASCAR: Penske and Hamlin Discuss Future Shift

Hybrid Technology in NASCAR: Roger Penske, a prominent championship team owner, foresees a potential shift towards hybrid technology in NASCAR’s Cup Series, albeit ruling out immediate prospects for electric vehicles.

“The hybrid formula seems a plausible direction for the future as electrification has somewhat slowed down,” Penske remarked, emphasizing the potential of hybrid models as a transitional strategy.

While acknowledging a lack of a clear “playbook for NASCAR,” Penske underlined the hybrid’s promise, envisioning vehicles with a blend of electrical components and efficient engines.

“This transition won’t happen overnight,” Penske cautioned. “A sedan series may arise without solely electric vehicles, integrating some electrical aspects into the drive train.”

Penske highlighted concerns such as charging network reliability, inadequate infrastructure, and range anxieties, paralleling challenges seen in the Formula E series. He expressed reservations about the feasibility of employing two cars per race in NASCAR due to cost considerations.

“Hydrogen cars, notably led by Toyota, present an opportunity,” Penske noted, referencing a French team’s hydrogen car participation in the 24 Hours of Le Mans. NASCAR’s COO Steve O’Donnell exploring hydrogen racing during the off-season echoes this potential shift.

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“Sustainability will likely prompt diverse engine modifications and hybrid models in the future,” Penske asserted, drawing parallels to his exploration of hydrogen in the truck fleet of Penske Truck Rental.

Denny Hamlin, a NASCAR Cup Series driver and team co-owner, echoed the need for a balanced approach towards sustainability. He emphasized the challenges in aligning the interests of NASCAR fans, new enthusiasts, and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs).

“Motorsports must lead technologically, but alignment among OEMs will dictate our direction,” Hamlin stated, stressing the necessity for NASCAR’s stance alongside the influence of OEMs on the sport’s viability.

“NASCAR’s decisions impact competition, but OEMs play a pivotal role, shaping the landscape of street car sales,” Hamlin added, emphasizing the necessity of a cohesive strategy considering the future of transportation.

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Our Reader’s Queries

Does NASCAR use hybrids?

Although NASCAR and its OEMs seem to be in agreement about moving towards hybrid technology or electrification, the specifics of when and how this will happen remain unclear. The next steps towards this transition are still up in the air.

Is NASCAR considering electric cars?

NASCAR has been discreetly delving into the world of electrified racing since finalizing the Next Gen Cup Series platform in 2021. However, the appearance of an electric NASCAR stock car has yet to be revealed, as none have been showcased thus far.

What is hybrid technology in cars?

Hybrid electric vehicles are a unique blend of an internal combustion engine and one or more electric motors. These vehicles rely on energy stored in batteries, which are charged through regenerative braking and the internal combustion engine. Unlike other electric vehicles, hybrids cannot be plugged in to charge the battery. This innovative technology allows for a more efficient and eco-friendly driving experience.

At what speed do hybrid cars switch from battery power to petrol power?

The vehicle initiates electric mode upon starting and remains in this mode until reaching a speed range of 43 mph to 80 mph. In case of insufficient battery charge or the need for extra power, the combustion engine will kick in.

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