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Expanded NASCAR Practice: Keselowski and #60’s Revival

Expanded NASCAR Practice: Brad Keselowski, the seasoned driver and co-owner of RFK Racing, is known for his candid and direct demeanor, much like his rival Kyle Busch. In a recent outspoken moment, the 2012 Cup Series champion expressed his dissatisfaction with NASCAR’s current limited practice time policy.

Keselowski, a key figure at RFK Racing, voiced his preference for more practice sessions instead of the current setup that includes a single practice-qualifying session. The 39-year-old’s commentary arrived amidst a resurgence for RFK Racing in 2023. Since Keselowski’s arrival, the Ford-based team has notably improved, securing three wins, including a memorable victory at the iconic Indianapolis Motor Speedway. This success was particularly impressive considering the challenges faced by other Ford teams, such as Stewart-Haas Racing, that struggled during the season.

Sharing his perspective on the restricted practice hours, Keselowski highlighted the value of having additional practice time. Speaking both as a driver and an owner, he remarked, “Yeah, I do, I think there is a value to having some practice.” Keselowski elaborated, suggesting that the initial belief that reducing practice would significantly cut costs and enhance competitiveness might have been somewhat true, but he stressed the importance of having some practice sessions for the overall benefit.

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Additionally, RFK Racing is set to revive the iconic #60 car, marking the launch of the team’s ambitious Stage 60 program. Despite not featuring in the Cup Series previously, the #60 holds a rich history within the organization’s Xfinity Series ventures. Celebrated drivers like Mark Martin, Carl Edwards, Greg Biffle, and Chris Buescher have left an indelible mark on this number, accumulating a staggering total of 94 wins, along with two Xfinity Series titles.

This legendary car is making a comeback in 2024 under RFK Racing’s banner, with former driver David Ragan at the helm during the team’s initial journey. The #60 is expected to see several drivers take the wheel throughout the season, with Ragan being the first to pilot it at Daytona, carrying forward its storied legacy in NASCAR history.

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Our Reader’s Queries

Will NASCAR bring back practice?

In 2024, NASCAR plans to maintain its 20-minute practice session, with Cup teams divided into two groups at most tracks. This will be followed by qualifying for most races, as per usual.

Are NASCAR practices open to the public?

Race fans can get up close and personal with their favorite NASCAR drivers during practice sessions and qualifying rounds. Keep an eye on the schedule for upcoming events in cities and venues across the country, including the Sprint Cup Series, Nationwide Series, and Camping World Truck Series. Don’t miss your chance to witness the excitement firsthand!

What has NASCAR done to expand globally?

NASCAR has expanded its reach beyond North America with international series in Brazil, Canada, Mexico, and Europe. The second-tier Xfinity Series has already held full-points races in Canada and Mexico, but NASCAR believes that any of its events could thrive internationally. The organization is committed to bringing the NASCAR experience to fans around the world.

Is NASCAR getting rid of stage racing?

NASCAR’s decision to eliminate pre-planned stage cautions at road courses didn’t last long. The move was reversed before the end of the 2023 season.

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