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NASCAR Accessibility Debate: Insights from Joey Logano and Carson Hocevar

NASCAR Accessibility Debate: In the realm of sports, fans serve as the lifeblood, their enthusiasm often shaping the essence of victories and shared experiences. Getting to meet your favorite athlete in person? That’s the dream for many, a chance that might seem elusive, especially moments before they step into the arena.

Within the NASCAR community, there’s a sense that accessibility to their sport might be a tad different from other sporting realms. Joey Logano recently weighed in on this topic during an interview with SiriusXM NASCAR Radio.

Logano boldly pointed out, “Our fans are spoiled.” Comparing to other sports, he highlighted the unique opportunity NASCAR fans have, encountering drivers mere minutes before the race. “We walk down a red carpet, drivers stop, sign autographs—it’s part of our norm,” he emphasized.

The 2-time Cup Series champ argued that this level of accessibility isn’t mirrored in many other sports. However, there’s a dissenting voice in Carson Hocevar, who challenged this perception.

Hocevar countered, outlining instances in baseball and football where fans can have unexpectedly close interactions. He pointed out NASCAR’s attempt with VIP access but suggested local short tracks might offer a more open experience.

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A study by the Qualtrics XM Institute once delved into the fan experience across various US sports. It revealed that while MLB and NFL had higher in-person attendance, NASCAR stood out for having the most fervent fanbase. Yet, live race attendance figures were notably lower compared to other sports.

In terms of the overall event experience, NASCAR lagged behind MLB and Major League Soccer, especially in parameters like parking and amenities. Although the study dates back to 2017, it prompts the question: Has NASCAR’s accessibility improved since then?

So, where does NASCAR stand in the accessibility spectrum compared to other sports? The debate remains open, the viewpoints diverse, and the experiences subjective.

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Khushal Bhatia
Khushal Bhatia
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