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Beau NASCAR Picks: A Shift in Tyler Reddick’s Son’s Driver Preferences

Beau NASCAR Picks: Tyler Reddick recently shared a candid revelation about his son Beau’s evolving NASCAR driver preferences, a shift from the past where Reddick didn’t rank high on the list. In a conversation with the Door Bumper Clear podcast, Reddick illuminated the transition in his son’s fandom, hinting at the underlying factors contributing to this change.

Reflecting on the peculiar dynamic experienced by drivers when their children or young fans accompany them to racetracks, Reddick recalled instances when his son joined him, humorously emphasizing the financial aspect. He disclosed, “All I could think of is, you know, all the times that Beau comes to drive with me and I’m just like, ‘Oh my Gosh! The money!'”

Previously, Chase Elliott held a prime spot among Beau’s favorite drivers. However, Reddick elaborated on how Elliott’s challenging 2023 season, including a snowboarding accident, influenced Beau’s altered preferences. Reddick remarked, “It was Chase for a very, very long time. Chase is still like one of his favorites, but it’s been really, you know, maybe because I won some races, I know Chase had a lot of things going wrong for him this year.”

While Beau hasn’t explicitly declared a top favorite, Reddick provided insight into the sequence in which his son names NASCAR drivers. He mentioned, “I wouldn’t say he’s got a number one favorite but he’ll always say ‘Daddy, Bubba, Chase, and then he’ll say Denny.'”

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Reddick’s observations point to a noteworthy shift in Beau’s preferences. Previously uttering “Daddy Chase” at the sight of any Cup car, Beau now begins with Tyler Reddick’s name. Reddick attributed this change partially to efforts in introducing die-casts associated with his and Kurt Busch’s cars, fostering a stronger connection with his son.

As Beau matures, he’s begun to grasp his father’s stature as a NASCAR driver, acknowledging Reddick’s achievements during the 2023 season, boasting two wins, 10 top-5 finishes, and 16 top-10 finishes.

The combination of Elliott’s tumultuous season and Beau’s advancing age appears to have reshuffled the ranks, placing Tyler Reddick atop Beau’s driver preferences.

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Our Reader’s Queries

Who are the best NASCAR picks for 2023?

The 2023 NASCAR Cup Series Championship odds have Larson as the top pick with a +170 favorite status. Blaney follows closely behind with +280 odds, while Byron and Bell trail with +325 and +450 odds respectively. Other notable contenders include Harvick (+1300), Logano (+2000), Hamlin (+2200), Reddick (+2500) and Truex Jr. The odds are subject to change, but these drivers are currently the ones to watch out for in the upcoming race.

Who is predicted to win NASCAR?

Larson is the top pick in the 2023 NASCAR Cup Series Championship odds, with Blaney, Byron, and Bell trailing behind. Their teams are working hard to secure a win on Sunday, leaving every other driver in the field with double-digit odds.

Who is favored to win Phoenix race?

Larson emerged victorious in the championship race of 2021 and is now the top pick in the NASCAR at Phoenix odds, with Byron and Bell following closely behind at +325 and +450 respectively. With his impressive track record and skillful driving, Larson is the clear favorite to take home the win once again. However, anything can happen on race day, and both Byron and Bell are formidable opponents who could give Larson a run for his money. It’s sure to be an exciting and unpredictable race.

Does Tyler Reddick have a baby?

Towards the end of 2019, Reddick and his girlfriend were at odds over what to name their soon-to-be-born son. In a bid to settle the matter, they made a wager. Reddick emerged victorious by clinching the 2019 NASCAR Xfinity Series championship, and as per the agreement, their son was named Beau.

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