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Gateway Dirt Nationals Incident: Hocevar-Feger Clash Sparks Controversy

Gateway Dirt Nationals Incident: In the recent turn of events at the Gateway Dirt Nationals, Carson Hocevar, a promising young driver, found himself once again amid controversy. A heated on-track exchange unfolded between Hocevar and Dirt Model racer Jason Feger, leading to discussions among fans about Feger’s actions.

Video footage from the race revealed a tense moment where Feger nearly collided with Hocevar’s car. The altercation began when the new Spire Motorsports driver attempted to create an opportunity with a slight nudge on Feger. However, Feger responded aggressively, escalating the situation.

Jason Feger had a successful 2023, securing victories in sixteen featured races in DIRTcar and participating in 66 races, the highest count nationwide. Notably, half of Feger’s wins came in the MARS Late Model Championship, which he ultimately claimed.

Both Hocevar and Feger showcased good form heading into the Gateway Dirt Nationals. Feger secured the second spot in Group B behind Freddie Carpenter with an impressive time of 13.010 seconds, while Hocevar qualified 11th with a time of 13.385 seconds. Despite Hocevar closing the gap, the encounter with Feger resulted in retaliatory actions, prompting Hocevar to share his perspective.

“I wasn’t entirely certain at first. I’m still relatively new to this. I felt the bottom was clear. I thought I could tap his left rear,” Hocevar explained. “If that’s incorrect, I apologize to them.”

Following Hocevar’s maneuver, Feger swiftly retaliated, nearly causing a collision by aggressively maneuvering his dirt car towards Hocevar’s vehicle. Criticizing Feger’s forceful retaliation, Hocevar expressed concern, particularly about the high-risk nature of the action.

“The retaliation was excessive. He nearly reached my helmet. That’s dangerously high. Imagine if my hand was out; that could have been severe. Maybe next time, aim lower. Nevertheless, on reviewing the replay, I might have been further than intended. But my focus was securing second or third.”

Incidents like these are not uncommon in dirt-track racing, sometimes resulting in heated confrontations between drivers. Hocevar acknowledged the risk involved, pointing out that with a more severe retaliation, it could have led to a serious accident for the young driver. Reflecting on the incident, Hocevar highlighted the absence of spotters during the race, a factor that could have potentially prevented the clash.

“Officials viewed it as a typical incident,” Hocevar mentioned. “However, I believe the absence of spotters played a role. If there were spotters, they could have alerted us about the impending risk.”

Gateway Dirt Nationals Incident (1)

Carson Hocevar has learned from past encounters, notably his previous incident with Corey Heim earlier in the Truck Series finale this year. He’s been striving to race competitively without overstepping boundaries.

“I’ve seen others execute similar moves. I tried it myself, aiming for a clean area. I hit the inside wall and slowed down quickly. But then, his left rear was immediately flat,” Hocevar shared.

Hocevar expressed that race authorities perceived the incident as commonplace, yet he acknowledged that the absence of spotters was a contributing factor. As he gears up for his debut full-time season in the Cup Series, such experiences are valuable lessons in navigating the complexities of competitive racing.

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Our Reader’s Queries

What is the payout for the Gateway Dirt Nationals?

Get ready for the Castrol Gateway Dirt Nationals happening this December! The event will take place at The Dome at America’s Center, featuring a fifth-mile temporary clay oval. With a purse of $30,000 for the finale and a pair of $5,000-to-win prelim features, this is a race you won’t want to miss. Castrol and O’Reilly Auto Parts are the primary sponsors for this event, and while there is no official sanction, the competition promises to be fierce. Mark your calendars and get ready for some high-speed action!

What year was the first Gateway Dirt Nationals?

Despite being a four-time World of Outlaws Late Model Series champion, Brandon Sheppard has yet to claim a win at The Dome at America’s Center, where he has participated in every running of the Gateway Dirt Nationals since its inception in 2016.

Where is the Gateway Dirt Nationals in 2023?

On Saturday night, the Castrol Gateway Dirt Nationals took place at The Dome in St. Louis for the seventh time. The event was a thrilling spectacle that left the audience in awe. The Dome at America’s Center was the perfect venue for this exciting event. The atmosphere was electric, and the competitors gave it their all. It was a night to remember for all those who attended.

What is the racing in the dome in St. Louis?

The Dome at America’s Center hosts the exclusive Gateway Dirt Nationals, showcasing Super Late Models and Open Wheel Modifieds. This indoor stock car race boasts the largest oval dirt track in America, complete with a semi-banked 1/5-mile dirt surface.

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