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All-Star Race Starting Lineup: 2024 Pole at North Wilkesboro

All-Star Race Starting Lineup: As the sun sets over the storied North Wilkesboro Speedway, the 2024 All-Star Race lineup is nothing short of a tribute to racing history, with Joey Logano clinching the pole position, proof of his skill behind the wheel. This revered race, now more intense with the cancellation of heat races due to weather, sets the stage for a battle of titans. Drivers like Brad Keselowski and Christopher Bell are primed to chase the elusive $1 million prize, while seasoned veterans like Kevin Harvick lurk in the shadows, ready to make their move.

Key Highlights

  • Joey Logano secured the pole for the 2024 All-Star Race with a time of 89.754 ticks (75.206 mph).
  • Top qualifiers include Brad Keselowski, Joey Logano, Christopher Bell, Daniel Suárez, and Chris Buescher.
  • Kevin Harvick will start 12th replacing Kyle Larson, who will start from the rear.
  • Three positions remain open for top finishers from the All-Star Open and the fan vote winner.
  • The race will be broadcast live on FS1 and MRN at 8 pm ET on May 19.

All-Star Race

The All-Star Race at North Wilkesboro Speedway, a hallowed ground steeped in NASCAR history, promises an electrifying spectacle as drivers navigate its storied 0.625-mile oval under the Carolina night. This revered venue, nestled in the heart of North Carolina, has been a cornerstone of NASCAR lore since its inception.

North Wilkesboro Speedway’s tight turns and short straights demand precision and courage from the drivers, who must deftly manage their machines through the rhythmic cadence of this classic short track. The track’s unique character, with its worn asphalt and subtle elevation changes, offers a challenging yet rewarding experience that separates the elite from the ordinary.

As the sun sets on May 19, the floodlights will reveal a grid of the sport’s brightest stars, each vying for glory in front of a passionate crowd that reveres the sport’s heritage. The event, broadcast live on FS1 and MRN at 8 pm ET, will captivate audiences with its blend of fierce competition and deep-rooted tradition.

All-Star Race Starting Lineup

Race Details and Prize

Nestled in the heart of NASCAR country, the All-Star Race at North Wilkesboro offers not just a chance at glory but a staggering $1 million prize for the victor, creating a night where history and high stakes converge under the Carolina sky. This race, rich in tradition and laced with the aroma of burning rubber and the echoes of legendary battles, beckons drivers and fans alike to a venue that has become a shrine to stock car racing.

The 2024 edition of the All-Star Race promises to be a spectacle of speed and strategy, with 20 elite drivers set to battle over 200 laps on the storied 0.625-mile oval. Each lap around this historic track, with its unique blend of short-track charm and high-speed drama, demands precision and prowess. The competitors will need to navigate its tight turns and short straights with a blend of aggression and finesse, knowing that every maneuver could make or break their chance at the million-dollar prize.

This year’s race is not merely a contest of speed but a manifestation of the skill and tenacity of the drivers. With a layout that leaves little room for error, North Wilkesboro demands both courage and cunning. The roar of engines and the cheers of the crowd create an atmosphere thick with anticipation, where every pass and pit stop can alter the course of destiny.

Joey Logano on Pole

In a nail-biting display of speed and precision, former Cup champion Joey Logano secured the pole for the All-Star Race, clocking in with a total time of 89.754 ticks (75.206 mph) amidst the unpredictable North Wilkesboro weather. The storied track, steeped in the echoes of NASCAR’s golden days, bore witness once again to a performance that will be spoken of in reverent tones for years to come.

Logano’s achievement is not merely a demonstration of his driving prowess but also a nod to the meticulous preparation and strategic insight of his team. In the face of looming storm clouds and a track notorious for its capricious grip, Logano’s ability to extract every ounce of performance from his machine was nothing short of masterful.

The 75.206 mph lap was more than just a number; it was a symphony of balance and control, where each split moment was a delicate dance between power and precision. In an arena where the margin for error is thin, Logano’s flawless execution spoke volumes. The North Wilkesboro Speedway, with its rich heritage and challenging contours, has always demanded the very best from those who dare to tame it.

All-Star Race Starting Lineup

Top Qualifiers and Heat Race Cancellations

Celebrating the spirit of competition, last week’s winner Brad Keselowski will join Joey Logano on the front row, setting the stage for a showdown at North Wilkesboro. This historic track, rich with racing lore, will once again see its asphalt electrified by the best in the business. The top qualifiers have displayed exceptional prowess, earning their spots through sheer determination and skill.

Further down the grid, Tyler Reddick, Ross Chastain, Martin Truex Jr., Michael McDowell, and A.J. Allmendinger round out the top ten. This lineup promises a riveting start, each driver hungry for glory on this legendary circuit. However, the narrative takes a twist with Kevin Harvick stepping into the #5 Hendrick Motorsports Chevrolet, qualifying 12th in place of the absent Kyle Larson. Larson, adhering to NASCAR’s stringent rulebook, will commence from the rear of the field for the main event, adding a layer of unpredictability to the race.

Despite the anticipation, the heat races were unexpectedly canceled due to inclement weather, leaving qualifying times as the determinant for starting positions. This decision, while necessary, evokes a sense of nostalgia for the bygone days when heat races were a staple of the sport, intensifying the competitive spirit and excitement.

Complete Starting Lineup and Broadcast Information

Amid the anticipation and echoes of racing history, the complete starting lineup for the 40th All-Star Race at North Wilkesboro Speedway has been finalized, promising a thrilling spectacle for motorsport enthusiasts. This historic track, once dormant, now surges back to life, hosting the elite of NASCAR in a race that marries tradition with high-stakes competition.

Car Number Driver Name
#22 Joey Logano
Brad Keselowski
#20 Christopher Bell
#99 Daniel Suárez
#17 Chris Buescher
#45 Tyler Reddick
#1 Ross Chastain
#19 Martin Truex Jr.
Michael McDowell
A. J. Allmendinger (i)
#11 Denny Hamlin
#5 Kyle Larson
#24 William Byron
#8 Kyle Busch
#9 Chase Elliott
Ricky Stenhouse Jr.
#12 Ryan Blaney
All-Star Open winner
All-Star Open runner-up
All-Star Fan vote winner


Seventeen of the twenty slots have been secured, featuring a diverse array of talent and determination. The lineup is headlined by Joey Logano in the #22 car, ensuring a fast-paced start. Following closely are seasoned drivers such as Brad Keselowski in the #6 and Christopher Bell in the #20, all poised to make their mark on this storied track.

Three coveted positions remain open, to be claimed by the top two finishers from the All-Star Open and the fan vote winner. This adds an extra layer of excitement and unpredictability to the race, keeping fans on the edge of their seats.

The race will be broadcast live on major sports networks, ensuring that no fan misses a moment of the action. Pre-race coverage will include historical retrospectives and expert analysis, setting the stage for the main event. Radio broadcasts will provide real-time updates and in-depth commentary for those on the go.

The 40th All-Star Race at North Wilkesboro promises not only a battle of speed and strategy but also a celebration of NASCAR’s rich heritage. Fans, both old and new, are in for a treat as the engines roar and the competition ignites under the Southern sky.

All-Star Race Starting Lineup 7

News in Brief: All-Star Race Starting Lineup

The 2024 All-Star Race at North Wilkesboro Speedway evokes the timeless spirit of Southern motorsport. Joey Logano leads a formidable lineup that includes Brad Keselowski, Christopher Bell, and Daniel Suárez. Despite the cancellation of heat races due to adverse weather, the highly skilled drivers promise a battle of unparalleled speed and precision. Under the storied Southern skies, the stage is set for an engaging contest, echoing the rich legacy of NASCAR’s heartland.

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