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Wright Brand 250 Full Results: North Wilkesboro Winner

Wright Brand 250 Full Results: In an display of racing expertise, Corey Heim clinched his third victory of the season at the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series’ Wright Brand 250 at North Wilkesboro Speedway. Demonstrating exceptional skill and strategy, Heim led 66 laps in his No. 11 Toyota for Tricon Garage, ultimately overtaking Jake Garcia on lap 186 and maintaining his lead to cross the finish line 2.474 seconds ahead of Grant Enfinger. The race also saw stellar performances from Layne Riggs, Brenden Queen, and Sammy Smith, each showcasing their mastery on the challenging track.

Key Highlights

  • Corey Heim won the Wright Brand 250, securing his third victory of the 2024 season.
  • Heim led 66 laps and finished 2.474 seconds ahead of Grant Enfinger.
  • Layne Riggs, Brenden Queen, and Sammy Smith completed the top five.
  • Christian Eckes, Nick Sanchez, and Tyler Ankrum finished in the top ten.
  • The race was held at North Wilkesboro Speedway and lasted 1 hour, 53 minutes, and 2 seconds.

Corey Heim Clinches Victory in NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series Wright Brand 250

Corey Heim’s dominant performance at North Wilkesboro Speedway culminated in a resounding victory at the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series’ Wright Brand 250, marking his third win of the 2024 season. This impressive success came during the postponed 10th race of the season, which commenced at 11:30 am ET on Sunday, May 19. The race, lasting precisely one hour, 53 minutes, and two seconds, featured a competitive field of 36 entries, but it was Heim’s exceptional driving skills that ultimately led him to victory.

The Wright Brand 250 at North Wilkesboro Speedway was a test of both strategy and endurance. As the green flag waved, the race quickly became a demonstration of Heim’s tactical prowess and racing expertise. His ability to navigate the track with precision, coupled with his team’s seamless pit stop executions, highlighted the level of preparation and skill that went into securing this win.

Despite the strong competition, Heim’s focus remained unshaken. His performance was characterized by a series of decisive actions and a firm command of the lead position. The race’s duration, clocking in under two hours, emphasized the intensity and significant stakes of the competition, yet Heim’s composure and strategic insight were crucial in ensuring his victory.

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Heim’s Dominance on Display

Piloting the No. 11 Toyota for Tricon Garage, Heim’s dominance was unmistakably on display as he led a race-high 66 laps in the Wright Brand 250 at North Wilkesboro Speedway. Heim’s mastery over the track became particularly evident during the latter half of the 250-lap race, where the young driver demonstrated not just speed but strategic skills.

Seizing the lead from Jake Garcia on lap 186, Heim illustrated his ability to capitalize on opportunities with surgical precision. His car’s performance was impeccable, and his driving was virtually flawless. This combination allowed Heim to maintain his lead until the end, resisting all challenges and securing his position at the front of the pack with remarkable consistency.

Throughout the race, Heim’s performance was a demonstration of the synergy between driver and machine. The No. 11 Toyota responded impeccably to Heim’s commands, showing the seamless integration between the driver’s skills and the vehicle’s capabilities.

Impressive Margin of Victory

Demonstrating remarkable command and skill, Heim crossed the finish line 2.474 seconds ahead of his closest competitor, Grant Enfinger, highlighting his dominance in the Wright Brand 250 at North Wilkesboro Speedway. This significant margin of victory not only emphasizes his performance Heim’s accomplishment even more impressive. Navigating such a circuit requires not only physical endurance but also mental fortitude to maintain focus and precision over the course of the race.

In motorsport, a margin of nearly two and a half seconds is nothing short of extraordinary. This level of separation indicates a race where one competitor has managed to outpace the field with a blend of strategic intelligence, mechanical reliability, and sheer driving ability.

Moreover, this victory marks Heim’s ninth career win in the series, a confirmation of his consistent excellence and growing legacy in the sport. Each victory adds to his reputation, but this particular win, with its remarkable margin, will be remembered as a standout performance. Wright Brand 250 Full Results 3

Top Performers and Final Results

Consistently showcasing their racing skills, Layne Riggs, Brenden Queen, and Sammy Smith secured positions in the top five, following the remarkable performances of Corey Heim and Grant Enfinger in the Wright Brand 250 at North Wilkesboro Speedway. Riggs demonstrated exceptional driving finesse, navigating his way through the pack and maintaining a steady pace that secured his spot among the elite.

Equally, Queen displayed a blend of strategic intelligence and raw speed, allowing him to hold his ground firmly in the competitive field.

Sammy Smith’s inclusion in the top five was a reflection of his adept handling of the truck and keen racing instincts. His ability to navigate the challenging turns of North Wilkesboro Speedway with precision marked him as a rising star in the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series.

Car Number Driver
#11 Corey Heim
#9 Grant Enfinger
#38 Layne Riggs
#1 Brenden Queen
#7 Sammy Smith
#19 Christian Eckes
#2 Nick Sanchez
#18 Tyler Ankrum
#43 Daniel Dye
#52 Stewart Friesen
#98 Ty Majeski
#91 Jack Wood
#17 Taylor Gray
#71 Rajah Caruth
#45 Ross Chastain
#15 Tanner Gray
#75 Stefan Parsons
#42 Matt Mills
#41 Bayley Currey
#88 Matt Crafton
#13 Jake Garcia
#99 Ben Rhodes
#02 Mason Massey
#77 Chase Purdy
#25 Ty Dillon
#56 Timmy Hill
Dean Thompson
#26 Dawson Sutton
#32 Bret Holmes
#33 Lawless Alan
#46 Thad Moffitt
#76 Spencer Boyd
#22 Josh Reaume
#04 Clayton Green
#66 Conner Jones
#14 Trey Hutchens


Rounding out the top ten were Christian Eckes, Nick Sanchez, Tyler Ankrum, Daniel Dye, and Stewart Friesen, each bringing their unique strengths to the race. Eckes exhibited unwavering resolve, pushing his truck to its limits and securing a respectable position. Sanchez and Ankrum both demonstrated consistent performances, balancing aggression with tactical racing to finish within the top ten.

Daniel Dye’s drive was marked by resilience and a commendable ability to adapt to the race’s dynamic conditions. Meanwhile, Friesen’s experience and racing intelligence were evident as he skillfully guided his truck to a top ten finish, solidifying his reputation in the series.

Upcoming Race at Charlotte Motor Speedway

With the Wright Brand 250 now in the rearview mirror, the NASCAR Truck Series teams are intensively preparing for the much-anticipated 11th race of the season at Charlotte Motor Speedway on May 24. This iconic 1.5-mile quad-oval track, and featuring its 24-degree banking in the turns known for its high-speed action and challenging turns, is set to test the mettle of the series’ elite drivers in what promises to be a riveting contest.

Charlotte Motor Speedway, with its storied history and passionate fan base, has always been a highlight on the NASCAR calendar. Drivers will need to bring their A-game to navigate the intricacies of this track, which demands both strategic skill and raw driving talent. The race in Charlotte is not just another event; it is a critical moment in the season where performance can significantly influence the standings.

Top contenders are expected to utilize every ounce of horsepower and aerodynamic efficiency their trucks can muster. Teams have been working tirelessly in the garages, fine-tuning setups and exploring every potential advantage. The race will also serve as a litmus test for newer talents aiming to make their mark in the series.

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News in Brief: Wright Brand 250 Full Results

Corey Heim’s victory in the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series Wright Brand 250 at North Wilkesboro Speedway highlights his exceptional skill and strategic savvy. Leading 66 laps and securing a decisive win by 2.474 margins over Grant Enfinger, Heim demonstrated commanding performance.

The race also showcased commendable efforts from Layne Riggs, Brenden Queen, and Sammy Smith. As competitors prepare for the upcoming race at Charlotte Motor Speedway, Heim’s win sets a compelling precedent for the season’s ongoing excitement and competition.

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