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BetMGM 300 Starting Lineup: Xfinity Series Epic Showdown

BetMGM 300 Starting Lineup: As the engines roar to life for the BetMGM 300 at Charlotte Motor Speedway, the starting lineup brings a compelling mix of seasoned veterans and rising stars, positioning this Xfinity Series showdown as a must-watch event. Ty Gibbs, leading from pole position, is set to face off against the formidable Kyle Busch, whose experience and skill are legendary. Adding further intrigue are drivers like Chandler Smith and Jesse Love, who represent the next generation of racing talent. This blend of experience and youthful exuberance on the 1.5-mile track provides a thrilling drama that promises unexpected twists and turns.

Key Highlights

  • Ty Gibbs secures pole position with an impressive lap time of 30.475 seconds.
  • Kyle Busch starts in second position with a qualifying lap speed of 176.482 mph.
  • Chandler Smith, Jesse Love, and Jeb Burton are in the top five starting positions.
  • Cole Custer, Sheldon Creed, Austin Hill, and Justin Allgaier enhance the competitive lineup.
  • Ryan Sieg and Brennan Poole round out the key starting positions for the BetMGM 300.

Event Overview and Schedule

The 2024 NASCAR Xfinity Series returns to action at the iconic Charlotte Motor Speedway, where the BetMGM 300 promises an exciting 300-mile showdown, featuring 38 drivers competing for supremacy on the 1.5-mile track. This highly anticipated event, scheduled for May 25 at 1 pm ET, will be broadcast live on FOX and PRN, bringing the thrill of NASCAR racing to millions of fans.

Charlotte Motor Speedway, nestled in Concord, North Carolina, is a venue steeped in motorsports history. Since its inception in 1960, it has been a cornerstone of NASCAR racing, hosting numerous memorable battles. The 1.5-mile quad oval is renowned for its challenging configuration, which demands precision and aggression from drivers. The BetMGM 300 is the 12th race of the 2024 Xfinity Series season, and the competition is expected to be intense as drivers compete for important points in the championship standings.

The race will be contested over 200 laps, requiring strategic brilliance in addition to raw speed. Teams will need to carefully plan pit stops, tire management, and fuel strategy to outmaneuver their rivals. The schedule leading up to the race is packed with activities, including practice sessions and qualifying rounds, which will set the stage for the main event.

BetMGM 300 Starting Lineup (1)

Qualifying Results

In a riveting display of speed and precision, Ty Gibbs of Joe Gibbs Racing secured his inaugural pole position of the 2024 NASCAR Xfinity Series season during Friday’s qualifying session. Gibbs, demonstrating exceptional control and timing, clocked a blistering lap time of 30.475 seconds at an impressive speed of 177.194 mph. This achievement not only marked his initial pole position of the current season but also his eighth career pole in the Xfinity Series, solidifying his reputation as a formidable contender in the series.

Gibbs’ qualifying performance highlights his evolving expertise on the track, reflecting his personal growth and the strategic excellence of Joe Gibbs Racing. His ability to navigate the qualifying session with such precision speaks volumes about his racing knowledge and the meticulous preparation by his team.

Sharing the front row with Gibbs is the seasoned veteran and two-time NASCAR Cup Series champion, Kyle Busch. Busch, who posted a lap speed of 176.482 mph, is among six drivers slated to compete in both the Xfinity and Cup races this weekend. His presence in the Xfinity Series often serves as a benchmark for emerging talents like Gibbs, providing a dynamic mix of experience and youthful ambition on the grid.

Starting Lineup

Setting the stage for an electrifying race, Ty Gibbs headlines the starting lineup for the BetMGM 300 at Charlotte Motor Speedway, flanked by a mix of seasoned veterans and emerging talents ready to challenge his pole position. Gibbs, a rising star in the NASCAR Xfinity Series, has shown remarkable skill on the track, earning him the coveted pole position. However, his path to victory is far from guaranteed as he faces formidable competition.

Kyle Busch, a NASCAR legend with multiple Xfinity Series championships under his belt, starts alongside Gibbs in the runner-up position. Busch’s track record and experience make him a significant threat, capable of leveraging any slip-up by the pole sitter. Following closely are Chandler Smith and Jesse Love, two promising young drivers ready to make their mark. Smith’s consistent performance this season and Love’s rapid ascent through the ranks suggest they are not to be underestimated.

Car Number Drivers Designation
20 Ty Gibbs (i)
33 Kyle Busch (i)
81 Chandler Smith
2 Jesse Love (R)
27 Jeb Burton
00 Cole Custer
18 Sheldon Creed
21 Austin Hill
7 Justin Allgaier
9 Brandon Jones
A. J. Allmendinger
31 Parker Retzlaff
1 Sam Mayer
19 Taylor Gray (i)
8 Sammy Smith
5 Anthony Alfredo
30 Noah Gragson (i)
98 Riley Herbst
6 Garrett Smithley
39 Ryan Sieg
43 Ryan Ellis
44 Brennan Poole
Jeremy Clements
42 Leland Honeyman (R)
26 Dean Thompson (i)
Kyle Weatherman
Parker Kligerman
97 Shane van Gisbergen (R)
17 Chase Elliott (i)
29 Blaine Perkins
15 Hailie Deegan (R)
4 Dawson Cram (R)
28 Kyle Sieg
07 Patrick Emerling
11 Josh Williams
92 Natalie Decker
14 J. J. Yeley
74 Jade Buford
35 Akinori Ogata


Jeb Burton and Cole Custer, occupying the fifth and sixth positions respectively, bring a blend of experience and resilience. Burton has a family legacy in NASCAR to uphold, while Custer has demonstrated his capability with strong past performances in both the Xfinity and Cup Series. Sheldon Creed, Austin Hill, and Justin Allgaier, starting seventh, eighth, and ninth, respectively, add depth to the field with their solid records and strategic racing skills.

BetMGM 300 Starting Lineup (2)

Rounding out the top ten is Brandon Jones, a driver known for his tenacity and ability to capitalize on race day opportunities. Together, these top contenders create a dynamic and highly competitive starting lineup, promising a thrilling showdown at Charlotte Motor Speedway. As the green flag waves, all eyes will be on these drivers to see who can navigate the challenges and emerge victorious in the BetMGM 300.

Remaining Starting Positions

Continuing down the grid, Ryan Sieg leads the charge among the remaining starting positions, bringing his consistent experience to the mid-pack and setting the stage for a competitive battle throughout the field. Sieg’s presence serves as a foundation of reliability, often capitalizing on the chaos that can happen in the middle of the pack. He is trailed by drivers with a mix of rising talent and seasoned expertise, each looking to carve their path in the BetMGM 300.

Brennan Poole and Jeremy Clements, both seasoned racers, look to utilize their experience to advance through the field. Poole, known for his strategic skills, and Clements, with his talent for surprise performances, can never be counted out. Leland Honeyman and Dean Thompson represent the younger generation, brimming with potential and determined to make their mark. This interplay of experience and youth adds a layer of unpredictability to the race narrative.

Further back, names like Kyle Weatherman and Parker Kligerman, known for their resilience and racing skill, highlight the depth of talent. Shane van Gisbergen and Chase Elliott, both versatile drivers with impressive resumes, promise to bring excitement with their aggressive racing styles. The presence of these drivers ensures that the race will be contested fiercely throughout the pack.

These drivers, along with Hailie Deegan, Blaine Perkins, and others, form a group of ambition and strategy. As they battle for position, fans can expect a thrilling narrative with significant challenges and relentless pursuit of victory.

Event Details

As the drivers prepare for an intense showdown at Charlotte Motor Speedway, the BetMGM 300 promises to be a significant event in the NASCAR Xfinity Series with its unique blend of experienced skill and youthful ambition. Scheduled to take place on Saturday at 1 pm ET, this event is set against the storied backdrop of one of NASCAR’s most revered tracks.

Charlotte Motor Speedway, with its rich history dating back to its opening in 1960, has been the stage for countless memorable races, and this weekend’s spectacle is anticipated to add another thrilling chapter to its legacy.

The 1.5-mile oval track, known for its challenging turns and fast straights, demands strategic precision and fearless driving. Historically, Charlotte has been a proving ground for emerging talent, often highlighting the raw ability of up-and-coming drivers while also offering seasoned veterans a platform to demonstrate their enduring skills. This dynamic creates an electrifying atmosphere where rookie exuberance collides with the calculated strategies of experienced racers.

The BetMGM 300’s timing within the NASCAR Xfinity Series season further amplifies its significance. As the competition heats up, every lap, pit stop, and overtaking action gains critical importance. Spectators can expect a gripping contest, where the balance between risk and reward is constantly in flux.

BetMGM 300 Starting Lineup (3)

News in Brief: BetMGM 300 Starting Lineup

The BetMGM 300 at Charlotte Motor Speedway promises an enthralling contest, featuring seasoned veterans and emerging talents. Ty Gibbs and Kyle Busch head a formidable lineup, with competitors like Chandler Smith, Jesse Love, and Jeb Burton ensuring a dynamic race.

The 1.5-mile track will host a blend of strategic ingenuity and raw speed, offering a spectacle for racing enthusiasts. This event highlights the Xfinity Series’ tradition of fostering competitive racing and unearthing future stars in motorsport.

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