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Hendrick Motorsports Strikes Valvoline Deal Through 2029

Hendrick Motorsports Strikes Valvoline Deal: Hendrick Motorsports has extended its partnership with Valvoline through the 2029 season, a move that underscores the team’s commitment to excellence in NASCAR racing. This agreement not only solidifies a long-standing relationship but also emphasizes a shared dedication to advancing engine performance through cutting-edge lubricant technologies. With Valvoline powering the No. 24 car driven by William Byron in key races, the collaboration promises to boost technical support and competitive edge. Statements from key figures such as Rick Hendrick and Jeff Andrews highlight the significance of this deal, hinting at exciting developments ahead for both entities.

Key Highlights

  • Valvoline secures primary sponsorship for William Byron’s No. 24 car in 8 races starting in the 2025 season.
  • The partnership between Valvoline and Hendrick Motorsports extends through the 2029 season.
  • Collaboration focuses on optimizing engine performance and developing innovative lubricant technology tailored for racing engines.
  • Drivers William Byron and Kyle Larson praise Valvoline’s contribution to their racing success and competitive edge.
  • The long-term deal fosters continuous improvements in vehicle performance and operational strategy benefits.

Introduction to Valvoline’s Expanded Partnership with Hendrick Motorsports

In a strategic move to strengthen its presence in the NASCAR Cup Series, Valvoline has announced an expanded partnership with Hendrick Motorsports, set to commence in the 2025 season. This expanded collaboration shows Valvoline’s commitment to motorsports and its strategic alignment with one of NASCAR’s premier teams.

The American lubricants giant, already a recognized name in the racing industry, will notably increase its visibility by securing primary sponsorship for William Byron’s No. 24 car in eight races, up from two.

This expanded sponsorship not only amplifies Valvoline’s branding efforts but also solidifies its long-term association with Hendrick Motorsports. The agreement extends through the 2029 season, marking a substantial commitment from both entities. Such a long-term deal is indicative of the mutual benefits and successful synergy experienced in their partnership to date.

By intensifying their presence on the track, Valvoline aims to capitalize on the extensive fan base and media coverage of the NASCAR Cup Series to strengthen brand loyalty and market penetration.

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Statements from Rick Hendrick and Jeff Andrews

Rick Hendrick, owner of Hendrick Motorsports, expressed his excitement for the extended partnership with Valvoline, highlighting the brand’s vital role in enhancing the team’s performance and iconic paint schemes. He noted that Valvoline’s involvement has not only boosted the competitive edge of Hendrick Motorsports but has also contributed to the visual identity that fans have come to cherish.

“We’re privileged to expand our incredible relationship with Valvoline. They raise the bar each season, from the elite performance of the products in our race cars to the fan-favorite Valvoline paint scheme designs.” – (rick Hendrick)

“William has quickly become a bona fide star in our sport, and I believe he’s just scratching the surface of what’s possible. He and Kyle [Larson] are champions and proven winners, and we’re proud to have Valvoline as a primary sponsor of both of their teams. We look forward to many more victories together.” – (rick Hendrick)

Jeff Andrews, president and general manager of Hendrick Motorsports, echoed Hendrick’s sentiments, emphasizing Valvoline’s essential technical support. Andrews highlighted that the collaboration goes beyond mere sponsorship, looking into the technical aspects that directly impact performance metrics.

“Valvoline is a significant partner to us, not only technically, but being involved with the Hendrick Automotive business as well. Their product is supported by most of the Hendrick Automotive Group dealerships.” – (Jeff Andrews)

Furthermore, Andrews showed the mutually beneficial relationship between Valvoline and the Hendrick Automotive Group’s business-to-business program. This partnership has fostered a strong exchange of technological expertise and innovation, benefiting both entities.

Historical Context and Technical Partnership

Since 2014, Valvoline has played an integral role as the Official Lubricants Partner of Hendrick Motorsports, driving advancements in engine performance and reliability. This partnership has been pivotal in the team’s success on the racetrack, with both entities working in close sync to push technological boundaries.

“Valvoline has been the Official Lubricants Partner of Hendrick Motorsports for over a decade with its products used in the team’s Chevrolet racing engines since 2014.” – (Jamal Muashsher, president and chief executive officer of Valvoline Global Operations)

Valvoline’s high-performance lubricants have been instrumental in improving the speed and durability of Hendrick’s engines, a critical factor in the highly competitive world of NASCAR.

“We are thrilled to announce this extension and enhancement of our partnership. This collaboration represents the blend of two iconic, trusted brands driven by a shared passion for excellence and winning performance.” – (Jamal Muashsher)

Jeff Andrews who was director of engine operations at Hendrick Motorsports for over 25 years, has often highlighted the symbiotic relationship between Hendrick Motorsports and Valvoline. According to Andrews, Valvoline’s cutting-edge technology has contributed significantly to optimizing engine performance, allowing the team to consistently achieve excellence.

“In this day and age, it is very hard to find speed on the racetrack and we’re looking to partner with companies that have technology that helps us bring speed to the racetrack. We’re always looking to advance on the performance side, and that obviously means speed on the racetrack.” – (andrews)

“On the technical side, they push us. It’s hard to find those relationships where the supplier and us as the user work in such good harmony. We push each other uniformly to raise the bar. They understand the boundaries we are up against.” – (andrews)

This collaboration has not only focused on immediate performance gains but also on long-term reliability, ensuring that the engines endure the rigors of race conditions without compromising on efficiency.

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Driver Perspectives: Byron and Larson

William Byron and Kyle Larson, two of Hendrick Motorsports’ star drivers, enthusiastically shared their perspectives on the upgraded Valvoline sponsorship, emphasizing the brand’s vital role in their racing success. Byron, reveling in his recent 2024 Daytona 500 win, expressed excitement about the expanded partnership. He highlighted how Valvoline has been integral to his past victories, reinforcing the brand’s significance in motorsports.

“Valvoline is such an iconic brand in racing. I’m excited to carry their colors more often and continue to fight for wins with their brand on board. It has been a fun couple of years getting Valvoline to victory lane and we plan to do it more in the future.” – (byron)

Kyle Larson, the accomplished driver of the No. 5 car, echoed Byron’s sentiments, showing the importance of Valvoline’s involvement. Recognizing Valvoline’s iconic status in the racing world, Larson praised the brand’s steadfast support.

“Valvoline has been a great partner to me and the No. 5 team and we’ve had a lot of success with them on board. It’s been cool to work with them on projects. They are such an iconic brand that has been a part of racing forever.” – (larson)

The enthusiasm from both drivers signifies more than just professional endorsement; it reflects a deep-seated trust in Valvoline’s ability to strengthen their competitive edge. This renewed partnership is not merely a sponsorship but a strategic alliance poised to fortify Hendrick Motorsports’ dominance in the racing arena.

Current Performance and Future Prospects

As the 2024 NASCAR season progresses, Hendrick Motorsports maintains a formidable presence in the Cup Series standings, strengthened by strategic partnerships like Valvoline that strengthen their competitive edge. With three of its drivers ranking in the top seven, the team demonstrates exceptional consistency and performance on the track, indicative of their meticulous preparation and execution.

The collaboration with Valvoline, a cornerstone in Hendrick Motorsports’ strategy, goes beyond mere sponsorship. It encompasses technological advancements and resource sharing that directly impact race performance. This partnership provides the team with high-quality lubricants and technical support, enabling their engines to deliver peak performance under the most demanding conditions.

“They have a great knowledge of the components, materials and the makeup of our engines. We are very involved with them from a material standpoint and the design of our components and how they react.” – (Andrews)

  • Technical Excellence: The synergy between Hendrick Motorsports and Valvoline results in cutting-edge lubricant formulations that boost engine efficiency and reliability.
  • Driver Skill: With seasoned drivers like William Byron and Kyle Larson, the team benefits from unparalleled driving talent and racecraft, which translate to consistent top finishes.
  • Strategic Innovation: The team’s commitment to integrating advanced technologies and data analytics ensures they remain at the forefront of NASCAR racing.

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News in Brief: Hendrick Motorsports Strikes Valvoline Deal

The extended partnership between Hendrick Motorsports and Valvoline through 2029 shows a mutual commitment to excellence in NASCAR racing.

This collaboration aims to harness advanced lubricant technology to optimize engine performance. Statements from key team figures and drivers highlight the strategic importance of this alliance.

As the team continues to innovate and excel on the track, this enduring relationship is assured to propel significant advancements in vehicle performance, solidifying future championship prospects.

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