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Joe Gibbs Racing’s New Recruit Reveals Emotional Ford Exit: ‘Super Hard’

Joe Gibbs Racing’s New Recruit: Chase Briscoe has joined Joe Gibbs Racing as the new #19 Toyota driver, succeeding Martin Truex Jr. Briscoe, who spent much of his career with Ford and Stewart-Haas Racing, described his departure from Ford as ‘super hard’ due to his emotional connection and career growth with the manufacturer. Despite his successes, including 11 Xfinity Series victories, Briscoe saw the move to JGR as a strategic step to improve his performance and secure financial stability. This change not only opens new opportunities but also signifies significant personal and professional evolution for Briscoe.

Key Highlights

  • Chase Briscoe described his decision to leave Ford for Joe Gibbs Racing as ‘super hard’ and emotionally challenging.
  • Briscoe has a profound connection to Ford, which played a significant role in shaping his career.
  • The move to JGR represents a strategic decision for better performance and financial stability.
  • Briscoe acknowledged stagnation in performance at Stewart-Haas Racing as a factor in his decision.
  • The transition to Joe Gibbs Racing marks a significant chapter in Briscoe’s career evolution.

Announcement By Joe Gibbs Racing

In a significant move for the upcoming NASCAR season, Joe Gibbs Racing has officially announced Chase Briscoe as the new driver for the #19 Toyota, succeeding the retiring Martin Truex Jr. This emotional announcement marks a crucial moment for both Briscoe and the team, as they navigate the complexities of this shift.

Joe Gibbs Racing's New Recruit 1


The decision came on the heels of Stewart-Haas Racing’s disclosure that they would be ceasing operations after 2024, leaving Briscoe in a risky position. The news has been met with mixed fan reactions, with some expressing excitement over Briscoe’s fresh start, while others lament the departure of a beloved driver from the #19 car.

The team change also brings with it a host of future challenges. Briscoe will need to quickly adapt to the Toyota setup, a significant change from his previous Ford machinery. Moreover, the dynamics of working alongside a new team and adapting to different engineering philosophies will test his versatility and resilience.

Sponsor implications are another critical aspect of this announcement. Martin Truex Jr.’s long-standing relationships with sponsors will now be inherited by Briscoe, who must establish his own rapport and prove his worth to these key stakeholders. Ensuring continued sponsor support will be essential for maintaining the financial health and competitive edge of Joe Gibbs Racing.

Briscoe’s Career and Manufacturer Shift

Chase Briscoe’s shift from Ford to Toyota marks a significant milestone in his NASCAR career, presenting challenges and new opportunities as he joins Joe Gibbs Racing. This change is not just a switch in team colors but a new chapter that involves adapting to different team dynamics and manufacturer loyalty paradigms. Briscoe, who has mostly driven Fords, now faces new challenges as he seeks to meet the high-performance expectations set by Joe Gibbs Racing.

Aspect Details
Previous Manufacturer Ford (Majority of career)
New Manufacturer Toyota (Joe Gibbs Racing)
Previous Experience ARCA Series West (Toyota – 3 races), ARCA Menards Series (Dodge – 5 races)
Current Age 29 years old
Series Shift from ARCA Series to Cup Series


Joe Gibbs Racing's New Recruit 3

Briscoe’s career trajectory has now led him to one of the most competitive teams in NASCAR, demanding quick adaptation and seamless integration into the new team dynamics. Manufacturer loyalty shifts are often complex, especially for a driver who has spent most of his career under the Ford banner. However, the move to Toyota and Joe Gibbs Racing could potentially enhance Briscoe’s performance expectations and offer him a platform to achieve his future goals.

The significant difference between his previous stints with Toyota and Dodge in the ARCA Series compared to the Cup Series highlights the magnitude of this change. As Briscoe navigates these new challenges, his ability to integrate into Joe Gibbs Racing’s established framework will be critical. Aligning with Toyota’s competitive edge and leveraging Joe Gibbs Racing’s resources could pave the way for Briscoe to achieve his long-term aspirations in the sport.

Difficult Decision to Leave Ford

Managing the complexities of his career shift, Briscoe confronted the emotional and challenging decision to part ways with Ford, an organization that had greatly shaped his professional path. His departure from Stewart-Haas Racing and the Ford family signified not just a career move but a profound emotional loyalty to a manufacturer deeply intertwined with his growth as a driver. Briscoe openly acknowledged the depth of his connection to Ford, stating,

“It was honestly really hard. It messed with me. I’ve been with Ford, I mean without Ford I’m never even in the position to get a contract offer from anybody. It was really, really hard for me to leave Ford, truthfully. I felt super loyal to them, it was a super hard conversation for me to go have with them. Just tell them what I was going to do.” – (Briscoe)

The decision to execute a manufacturer switch was not taken lightly. Briscoe’s tenure with Ford had seen him develop from a promising talent to a respected competitor in the racing community. This tough decision, therefore, marked a significant chapter in his career evolution—a departure from familiar terrain toward new horizons with Joe Gibbs Racing.

The emotional impact of this transformation was evident, as Briscoe described the situation as ‘super hard,’ emphasizing the difficulty in conveying his intentions to Ford. Briscoe’s comments highlight the intricate balance between career impact and personal growth. His acknowledgment of the role Ford played in shaping his professional path emphasizes the weight of his decision.

Briscoe’s Success with Ford

Briscoe’s tenure with Ford saw him achieve significant success, particularly in the Xfinity Series where he secured 11 victories, including an impressive nine-win season in 2020. This period of Xfinity dominance highlighted his potential and solidified his reputation as a formidable competitor. His extraordinary performance during the 2020 season resulted in a fourth-place finish in the championship standings, reflecting not only his driving talent but also the strength of his Ford partnership.

Joe Gibbs Racing's New Recruit 2

Briscoe’s loyalty to the manufacturer was evident as he navigated his career progression from the Xfinity Series to the Cup Series. The shift to the Cup Series in 2021 marked a significant milestone, showcasing his readiness to compete at the highest level of stock car racing. While his rookie year in the Cup Series was characterized by learning and adjustment, Briscoe’s perseverance paid off with a notable victory in 2022. This win demonstrated his capability to succeed under the rigorous demands of top-tier NASCAR racing.

Despite his subsequent struggles to consistently return to Victory Lane, Briscoe’s path with Ford was marked by numerous highlights and valuable experiences. His tenure with the manufacturer was instrumental in shaping his career trajectory and nurturing his championship hopes. The synergy between Briscoe and Ford became a cornerstone of his racing identity, reflecting a deep-seated manufacturer loyalty that fueled his competitive spirit.

Justification for Joining Joe Gibbs Racing

In pursuit of reviving his racing career, the driver justified his move to Joe Gibbs Racing as a strategic decision for improved performance and financial security. Chase Briscoe acknowledged that his tenure with Stewart-Haas Racing had reached a level, with his last victory dating back to 2022. The stagnation in racing performance necessitated a change, and Joe Gibbs Racing presented an exceptional opportunity to boost his career.

Briscoe emphasized the critical role that team dynamics play in achieving success on the track. JGR’s proven record with drivers like Denny Hamlin and Christopher Bell highlights the team’s ability to foster winning conditions. This high-performance environment was a significant factor in Briscoe’s decision, as it offered him a practical path to returning to Victory Lane.

“Truthfully, I feel like, if you can get in a Hendrick or a Gibbs car at any point in your career, you have to do it. It’s the best opportunity in the garage. As loyal as I wanted to be, it was just an opportunity I couldn’t pass up.” – (Briscoe)

Financial benefits were another compelling reason for Briscoe’s move to JGR. The financial security that comes with being part of a top-tier team is not only advantageous for his career but also provides stability for his family. Briscoe frankly remarked, “From a performance standpoint, even what it can do for my family, financially. Just the security of it, if you go run good. It is impossible to say no to.” This change ensures that he can focus more on racing without the looming stress of financial uncertainties.

In terms of career advancement, Briscoe is acutely aware that joining a team of JGR’s caliber could be a career-defining move. The opportunity to drive for one of the best teams in the garage is rare and one that any ambitious driver would be wise to seize. Therefore, his decision to join Joe Gibbs Racing is a calculated step aimed at maximizing his potential and securing a prosperous future in NASCAR.

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News in Brief: Joe Gibbs Racing’s New Recruit

The recent shift of Chase Briscoe from Ford to Joe Gibbs Racing emphasizes a significant and emotionally challenging career move. Despite his notable successes with Ford, Briscoe’s decision was driven by strategic career considerations.

This change highlights the complexities faced by professional drivers in balancing loyalty and career advancement. The move to Joe Gibbs Racing is anticipated to offer Briscoe new opportunities, aligning with his professional aspirations and the competitive demands of motorsports. 

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