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Joey Logano Replaces Hailie Deegan in Chicago Xfinity Race

Joey Logano Replaces Hailie Deegan: In a crucial decision aimed at redefining their competitive position, AM Racing has chosen to replace Hailie Deegan with Joey Logano for the upcoming Chicago Xfinity race. This strategic change is expected to utilize Logano’s extensive experience and recent achievements to enhance the team’s overall efficiency. AM Racing’s calculated decision emphasizes their dedication to maximizing outcomes within the challenging Xfinity Series environment.

Key Highlights

  • Joey Logano will replace Hailie Deegan in the Chicago Xfinity race for AM Racing.
  • Logano brings championship experience to boost AM Racing’s competitive edge.
  • Deegan’s current performance struggles led to the decision for a temporary replacement.
  • Logano’s presence is expected to enhance media attention and sponsor interest.
  • AM Racing aims to leverage Logano’s expertise to improve their Xfinity Series results.

Joey Logano to Replace Hailie Deegan at AM Racing

Joey Logano, a two-time NASCAR Cup Series champion, has been announced as the replacement for Hailie Deegan in the No. 15 AMR Ford Mustang for the upcoming Chicago Xfinity race. This significant change sees one of the most celebrated and skilled drivers in NASCAR’s premier series stepping into the Xfinity series, a scenario that inevitably brings a wealth of experience and a proven track record to the team.

Logano’s entry into the No. 15 AMR Ford Mustang boosts the competitive edge for the Chicago Xfinity race. His illustrious career, marked by consistency, strategic insight, and a sharp ability to handle intense situations, makes him a formidable contender. Logano’s presence is expected to enrich the team’s performance metrics, leveraging his vast knowledge of track dynamics and racecraft.

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AM Racing’s Decision and Team Goals

Recognizing the need for improved performance, AM Racing has strategically opted for Logano’s expertise to boost their competitive standing and achieve their team goals. The decision to replace Hailie Deegan with Joey Logano for the upcoming Chicago Xfinity race highlights the team’s commitment to elevating their performance metrics in the competitive racing environment.

AM Racing’s choice reflects a calculated strategy aimed at leveraging Logano’s extensive experience and proven track record in NASCAR. Logano, a seasoned driver with multiple championship titles, brings a level of expertise and tactical knowledge that is expected to provide immediate and measurable improvements to the team’s performance.

The decision also aligns with AM Racing’s broader objectives of consistently finishing in higher positions and improving their overall competitiveness within the Xfinity series. Deegan’s track record of 17 races this season, marked by no finishes better than 12th and eight finishes outside the top-30, signals a performance inconsistency that the team is keen to address.

Deegan’s Performance Comparison

Deegan’s current performance, evidenced by her 27th place standing and lack of top-five finishes, starkly contrasts with Brett Moffitt’s results from last year, highlighting the challenges she has faced this season. Moffitt, driving the No. 15 AMR Ford, accumulated one top-five and nine top-tens, resulting in a 15th place finish in the points standings. This comparison emphasizes the difficulties Deegan has encountered in adapting to the demands of the Xfinity Series.

Analyzing Deegan’s season reveals a struggle to find consistent speed and reliability, both critical factors in achieving competitive results. Her position as the last among full-time drivers indicates not just a lack of standout performances, but also an inability to capitalize on race opportunities, which Moffitt managed more effectively. 

Furthermore, Moffitt’s ability to secure multiple top-ten finishes speaks volumes about his consistency and racecraft. Deegan, by contrast, has yet to break into the upper ranks of race finishes, reflecting either a shortfall in equipment performance, strategy, or driver adaptability. This difference might be attributed to many factors, including team dynamics, driving style, and race experience.

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AM Racing’s Statement on the Xfinity Series Competition

AM Racing team president Wade Moore acknowledged the heightened level of competition in the Xfinity Series, emphasizing the challenges faced by rookie drivers like Hailie Deegan. In a press release, Moore stated, ‘The level of competition in the Xfinity Series is as competitive as it’s ever been,’ highlighting the rigorous environment that new drivers encounter.

The Xfinity Series serves as a critical proving ground for up-and-coming talent, demanding not only skill but also adaptability and resilience. For rookies such as Deegan, the shift from the Truck Series—where she secured five top-ten finishes in 69 starts and achieved a highest points standing of 17th in 3 years—can be particularly overwhelming. The competitive intensity in the Xfinity Series is notably higher, with seasoned drivers and well-established teams setting a formidable benchmark.

“It is our goal at AM Racing to field a competitive race team through our technical alliance with Stewart-Haas Racing and provide any of our drivers the best equipment and opportunity to be successful on track each weekend.” – (Wade Moore)

Moore’s remarks highlight the intricate dynamics of progressing through this competitive landscape. Rookie drivers must swiftly adapt to more complex race strategies, higher speeds, and increased stress. The learning curve is steep, and the margin for error is minimal. AM Racing’s decision to replace Deegan with a more experienced driver for the Chicago race reflects a strategic move aimed at optimizing performance and results in a fiercely contested series.

“With that being said, we haven’t had the success on track that we were hoping for in the first half of the season. When the opportunity to have Joey in the car at Chicago became a possibility, we felt we needed to take advantage of the knowledge and feedback that a two-time NASCAR Cup Series Champion could provide to our teams’ growth.” – (Wade Moore)

The statement by Moore serves as a realistic assessment and a motivational call for the team and its drivers. It acknowledges the inherent challenges while also implying the necessity for continuous improvement and strategic adjustments.

“We intend to take the feedback and data from the Chicago race weekend and apply it to building better race cars each week so AM Racing can have a stronger second half of the season.” – (Wade Moore)

Logano’s Background and Expectations

Joey Logano, an experienced driver with 30 career wins in the NASCAR Xfinity Series, brings a wealth of knowledge and high expectations as he gets ready to drive the No. 15 AM Racing Ford Mustang in Chicago. Despite not participating in an Xfinity race since 2019, Logano’s extensive track record in NASCAR positions him as a strong contender.

His recent performances, including an eighth-place finish in the first Cup race at the Chicago Street Course in 2023 and a victory at Nashville Superspeedway in 2024, highlight his adaptability and competitive edge. Earlier this year, he also won the All-Star Race at North Wilkesboro Speedway.

“Racing in the rain on Chicago’s Street Course last year was a challenge within itself. Any extra seat time is always a positive for unique tracks such as this one. Driving the NASCAR Xfinity Series cars are a lot of fun, and I’m looking forward to climbing behind the wheel of the No. 15 AM Racing Ford Mustang, with high hopes to wheel it to the front.” – (logano)

Logano’s return to the Xfinity Series is motivated by a strategic approach to mastering the unique challenges presented by the Chicago Street Course. Reflecting on his experience racing in the rain at the same venue last year, Logano emphasized the importance of extra seat time for honing his technique on such distinct tracks. His excitement for the Xfinity cars is evident, as he looks forward to excelling in the No. 15 AM Racing Ford Mustang.

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News in Brief: Joey Logano Replaces Hailie Deegan

The strategic replacement of Hailie Deegan with Joey Logano for the Chicago Xfinity race by AM Racing represents a calculated effort to improve team performance. By leveraging Logano’s extensive experience and proven success, AM Racing aims to strengthen results and increase competitiveness within the Xfinity Series.

This move highlights the team’s commitment to pushing performance boundaries and optimizing results in a highly demanding racing environment. The decision reflects a clear alignment with the overarching goals of the organization.

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