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Joey Logano Shatters Dale Jr’s Dream of Roger Penske and Hailie Deegan Partnership

Joey Logano Shatters Dale Jr’s Dream: The recent announcement of Joey Logano’s partnership with AM Racing has sent waves through the NASCAR community, effectively disrupting the anticipated alliance between Dale Earnhardt Jr., Roger Penske, and Hailie Deegan. Logano, with his extensive experience and notable achievements, brings a strong presence that could redefine AM Racing’s competitive landscape. This strategic move not only highlights Logano’s potential to enhance the team’s performance but also casts a shadow over Deegan’s ongoing struggles in the Xfinity Series. As the racing world watches closely, the implications of this partnership extend far beyond immediate results, hinting at deeper strategic shifts within the sport.

Key Highlights

  • Joey Logano replaces Hailie Deegan at AM Racing, impacting her future prospects.
  • Logano’s experience and success highlight the performance gap between him and Deegan.
  • AM Racing’s choice of Logano reflects their diminished confidence in Deegan.
  • Logano’s dominance in Xfinity Series contrasts Deegan’s struggle to secure top finishes.
  • Logano’s involvement aims to elevate AM Racing’s competitive standing, sidelining Deegan.

Hailie Deegan’s Disappointing Season in Xfinity Series

Despite high expectations after her move from the Truck Series, Hailie Deegan’s initial season in NASCAR’s Xfinity Series has been marked by disappointing performances and inconsistent outcomes. Entering the series with a reputation established in the Truck Series, Deegan was expected to smoothly progress and further her racing career. However, the reality has been quite different from the anticipations set by her fans and team members.

Midway through the season, Deegan has achieved only four top-20 finishes, a statistic that contrasts the initial optimism surrounding her debut. The shift from the Truck Series to the Xfinity Series is unquestionably demanding, requiring drivers to adjust to different vehicles, racing styles, and competitive environments. For Deegan, this adjustment process has proven to be a significant challenge.

AM Racing, the team supporting Deegan, has been facing significant expectations to deliver results. The team’s choice to replace Deegan with Joey Logano for an upcoming race in Chicago reflects their diminishing confidence in her ability to perform at the desired level. This decision highlights the seriousness of her disappointing performances and indicates a potential turning point in her early Xfinity Series career.

Joey Logano Crushes Dale Jr.'s Penske-Deegan Dream 1

Joey Logano Steps in For AM Racing

In response to Hailie Deegan’s lackluster performances, AM Racing has strategically opted to bring in the seasoned and victorious Joey Logano to pilot their car in the upcoming Xfinity race in Chicago. This decision shows AM Racing’s dedication to enhancing their performance and leveraging Logano’s extensive experience and winning track record. Logano’s entry into the race is not simply a substitution but a calculated move to infuse a proven winner’s mindset into the team dynamics.

In Chicago what are they really going to learn, I would be shocked and surprised I believe if Joey goes to their shop and hops in the No. 15 car and goes racing, will this car have an engineer from Penske involved? That’s a bit unusual.” – (dale jr.)

Logano, fresh off a recent Cup Series victory, brings with him a wealth of knowledge and a competitive edge that could potentially change the game for AM Racing. His ability to adapt quickly to different racing formats and conditions is well documented, and his presence is expected to energize the team’s strategic approach.

Despite his strong association with Team Penske, Logano has made it clear that this venture will not receive significant support from his usual team. Instead, he will rely mainly on AM Racing’s resources and personnel. This situation presents an intriguing challenge that could display AM Racing’s inherent capabilities under the guidance of an elite driver.

“None.” – (logano)

The support… they helped me put the seat in, that’s good. They gave me a seat to use, and I will use their gear (laughs)…but outside of that, we are going with what they got.” – (logano)

Joey Logano’s performance in Nashville was impressive. Team Penske’s strategy on fuel for his No. 22 Ford Mustang in the final stretch to the finish line was a brilliant move.

Boy, it was close. But we’ve got to give a lot of credit to Roush Yates, not only building horsepower but building fuel mileage. That’s what won today.” – (logano)

Logano’s Recent Success and Xfinity History

Joey Logano’s recent resurgence in the Cup Series, highlighted by a trifecta victory at Nashville, shows his impressive skills as he prepares to compete in the Xfinity Series, where his previous achievements include 30 wins, 36 poles, and 95 top-fives. Logano’s comeback not only emphasizes his adaptability and expertise on the track but also establishes a high standard for rivals in the Xfinity Series. His return to the series reaffirms his legacy in a format where he has consistently excelled.

Achievement Count
Wins 30
Poles 36
Top-Five Finishes 95
Top-Ten Finishes 108
Total Races 174


Logano’s comeback to the Xfinity Series, following his recent success in the Cup Series, introduces intrigue to the competition. His expertise and strategic intelligence make him a formidable adversary for younger drivers aiming to establish themselves. Every race in the Xfinity Series presents an opportunity for Logano to further solidify his status as a versatile and accomplished driver.

Joey Logano Crushes Dale Jr.'s Penske-Deegan Dream 2

Hailie Deegan’s Current Standing and Qualification Challenges

Amid Joey Logano’s achievements, Hailie Deegan faces significant challenges in her career, as evidenced by her current standing at 27th in the driver rankings and a season-high finish of 12th. Deegan, a promising talent with high expectations, has encountered persistent obstacles, particularly in securing competitive finishes. This season has proven demanding, as she grapples with the complexities of top-tier racing and the stress to perform.

Her placement at AM Racing has not produced the upward trajectory she and many fans hoped for. The decision by AM Racing to bench her for the Chicago race highlights the seriousness of her struggles. This move not only hampers her current season but also casts a shadow on her future prospects in NASCAR. The absence from an essential race such as Chicago, where qualifying remains a persistent challenge, threatens her standing without a waiver from NASCAR.

Deegan’s qualification troubles are highlighted by placements such as 35th at the Circuit of The Americas and 38th at Portland. These results show a troubling pattern that requires attention. The need for consistent improvement and adaptation is vital for Deegan to climb the ranks and secure her position in subsequent races. With her current trajectory, obtaining a waiver could be critical to maintain her race eligibility and keep her career on track.

Joey Logano Crushes Dale Jr.'s Penske-Deegan Dream 3

Logano’s Competitive Edge and Expectations at Chicago

Even though Penske is not giving Joey Logano special support, he still has an advantage in Chicago. Last year, drivers could only race once on the 12-turn, 2.2-mile road course because NASCAR did not want anyone to gain too much experience. This year, however, drivers can race twice. Joey Logano is one of nine drivers racing in both the Xfinity and Cup Series.

Driving the No. 15 AM Racing Ford Mustang, Logano is assured to bring his extensive racing expertise into both series. The extra track time is expected to provide him with a deeper understanding of the course dynamics, from braking zones to best racing lines, which are essential for mastering street courses. Street circuits are notoriously tricky, with their tight corners and unpredictable surfaces, making every lap a learning opportunity.

“Racing in the rain on Chicago’s Street Course last year was a challenge within itself. Any extra seat time is always a positive for unique tracks such as this one. Driving the NASCAR Xfinity Series cars is a lot of fun, and I’m looking forward to climbing behind the wheel of the No. 15 AM Racing Ford Mustang, with high hopes to wheel it to the front.” – (logano)

Logano’s participation in both series is a strategic move, especially considering the current uncertainties surrounding his competitors, such as Hailie Deegan. While Deegan faces challenges in securing her standing within NASCAR, Logano’s ability to gather more data and refine his approach serves as a stark contrast. This situation highlights the difference in experience and preparedness, potentially tipping the scales in Logano’s favor.

Furthermore, Logano’s collaboration with the AM Racing team is anticipated to be mutually beneficial. His insights and feedback can aid in the car’s development, enhancing performance in both the Xfinity and Cup series. As a seasoned driver, Logano’s ability to adapt and excel in varied racing environments shows his competitive edge.

News in Brief: Joey Logano Shatters Dale Jr’s Dream

The partnership between Joey Logano and AM Racing signifies a crucial shift in the team’s strategic trajectory, highlighting established expertise and competitive advantage.

Logano’s racing history and recent wins suggest improved performance and long-term goals for the team, possibly overshadowing Hailie Deegan’s challenges in the Xfinity Series.

This move emphasizes AM Racing’s dedication to boosting their competitive standing and attaining consistent excellence in racing, indicating a new era of strategic investment and performance improvement.

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