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Ryan Blaney and Chase Elliott: A Friendship Forged in NASCAR’s Crucible

Ryan Blaney and Chase Elliott’s friendship in NASCAR runs deep and spans decades. Both drivers, from Team Penske and Hendrick Motorsports, have known each other since childhood. They now share the distinction of being NASCAR Cup Series champions. This unique bond was evident when, despite a somewhat disappointing season, Elliott came on stage to congratulate his friend Blaney on his championship win, reciprocating Blaney’s support back in 2020 when Elliott won the title.

Blaney expressed the significance of this gesture, saying, “It means a ton.” He fondly remembered being there to support Elliott in 2020, feeling immense pride in his friend’s achievement. Their friendship and racing journey, which spans over two decades, have made this shared championship moment all the more special. Blaney reflected on their humble beginnings as kids racing together, never imagining they’d both have a championship to their names. He expressed his gratitude for sharing this remarkable achievement with a close friend.

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In a candid revelation earlier this year during an appearance on Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s podcast, Blaney and Elliott admitted to considering the idea of staging a fight on the racetrack. This hypothetical scenario involved some friendly jostling at the end of a race, with both drivers getting out of their cars for a good-natured scuffle. Blaney found the idea intriguing, imagining the headlines that would follow such an encounter between Chase Elliott and Ryan Blaney, two Cup champions.

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Our Reader’s Queries

Did Chase Elliott congratulate Ryan Blaney?

Congratulations, Ryan! It’s great to see you and your best friend celebrating together. If anyone else had to win, I’m glad it was you. Enjoy your victory today!

What is Ryan Blaney’s annual salary?

Ryan Blaney’s estimated annual salary is a whopping $2 million. In terms of career victories, as of 2023, he has secured an impressive 7 wins in the NASCAR Cup Series.

As the offspring of Bill Elliott, the 1988 Winston Cup Series champion, he joins the ranks of the elite few father-son duos to claim NASCAR championship titles. The Elliotts now stand alongside the likes of Lee and Richard Petty, as well as Ned and Dale Jarrett, in the annals of racing history.

What happened to Ryan Blaney?

NASCAR initially reported that Blaney’s left front shock was below the required length, resulting in a 36th-place finish. However, NASCAR later retracted the penalty.

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