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Randy Dorton Hendrick Engine Builder Showdown: A Test of Precision and Passion

Randy Dorton: At Hendrick Motorsports, the excitement doesn’t end with the conclusion of the NASCAR Cup Series season. In fact, there’s another thrilling competition underway that showcases the incredible skills of the team members working tirelessly behind the scenes. The Randy Dorton Hendrick Engine Builder Showdown, taking place on November 8 and 9, brings together the best and brightest from Hendrick Motorsports’ engine department and Hendrick Automotive Group technicians from dealerships nationwide.

This showdown is not just about assembling the 358-cubic-inch Chevrolet engines that power the team’s NASCAR entries. It’s a high-stakes challenge, where the competitors must piece together a complex 243-piece puzzle in less than 30 minutes. Precision and speed are of the essence, as the assembled engine has to run flawlessly for a minute once completed.

Kevin Webber of Hendrick Motorsports emphasizes the event’s significance: “We have a wonderful group of guys that work hard and do a great job. People come through and see just how complicated it is behind the scenes. We’re not just a bunch of grease monkeys. We’re trained technicians that are highly skilled.”

The unique aspect of this competition lies in the collaboration between Hendrick Motorsports and Hendrick Automotive Group technicians. Roger Mesiemore, Vice President of Fixed Operations at Hendrick BMW Charlotte, highlights the camaraderie that develops during the event: “There’s really no other event that brings together the two entities like this. You have the opportunity for our technicians to enter the campus, the world, the culture of Hendrick Motorsports. There’s just no other opportunity to do this at this level. A lot of relationships develop out of it that will last for a lifetime.”

The competition not only challenges the participants’ technical prowess but also fosters lasting connections. Kelly Brandt, a past winner of the Engine Builder Showdown, appreciates the team-building aspect of the event: “It’s such a great team-building thing between Hendrick Motorsports and Hendrick Automotive Group. I’ve met some people that have become lifetime friends. Danny Emerick and I keep in touch after we won the competition. He’s such an intelligent guy and has a passion for being the best. I love that because I feel like I’ve always been the same way. Why do it if you can’t be the best?”

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The intensity and energy in the room during the competition rival that of race day. Mesiemore captures the essence of the event: “It’s probably the most exciting event we do on an annual basis. When you get in that room and the energy level raises, there’s all of a sudden a distinct smell and sounds that get you excited. It’s just so unique and such an experience you can immerse yourself into.”

As these skilled technicians put their abilities to the test, the Engine Builder Showdown at Hendrick Motorsports is a testament to their dedication, teamwork, and passion for excellence, reminding everyone that the pursuit of perfection extends beyond the racetrack.

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