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NASCAR Electrifying Future: Leaked Concept Sparks Excitement and Questions

NASCAR Electrifying Future: NASCAR, traditionally known for the roar of V-8 engines, is quietly venturing into the realm of electrified racing. While the Next Gen Cup Series platform laid the groundwork for this shift, NASCAR has been tight-lipped about its electric stock car vision. Recently, a leaked image surfaced, shedding light on what could be the face of NASCAR’s electric future—a crossover-shaped EV undergoing testing as a race car concept.

Road & Track obtained an illustration based on this concept, with distinct styling reminiscent of the upcoming Blazer SS EV. However, sources suggest it may be a generic, unbranded car, coincidentally resembling a Chevrolet. Similar to the current Next Gen cars, these electric racers are expected to feature exaggerated, ultra-aggressive designs inspired by their production car counterparts, with the illustration showcasing a crossover shape.

The electric NASCAR concept is built on the Next Gen chassis used in the Cup Series since 2022, with modifications to accommodate electric powertrain components. The rear end has been shortened to align with the design of electric crossovers, a preferred body style for NASCAR’s electric racers. While Chevrolet, Ford, and Toyota are current competitors, the actual branding of these cars—potentially a Blazer EV, a Mustang Mach-E, and a bZ4X—is yet to be confirmed.

Despite multiple sources confirming the concept’s evaluation by NASCAR, details about its specifics remain undisclosed. A leaked document from July hinted at the goal of achieving performance parity with the current Next Gen car, suggesting a peak output well over 1000 horsepower. However, deployment plans and a potential series launch remain uncertain.

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NASCAR’s foray into electric racing raises questions about the fan experience, particularly for those accustomed to the distinct engine noises of traditional races. With a history dominated by V-8s, the shift to electric racing, symbolized by crossovers adorned with wings and electric motors, poses a unique challenge. As NASCAR explores various forms of electrification, including potential hydrogen-powered racing, the unveiling of this electric concept could be a crucial step in gauging fan acceptance and showcasing the future of NASCAR racing.

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Our Reader’s Queries

Is the future of NASCAR electric?

NASCAR’s latest electric racing vehicle has a unique crossover design, as revealed by O’Donnell during a recent press conference. While it may not be used for racing, the vehicle could make appearances at select events in 2024. Additionally, NASCAR is exploring other variations of the car for future consideration.

Will car racing go electric?

The STCC (Scandinavia Touring Car Championship) is a pioneering national touring car series that exclusively features electric cars. This groundbreaking competition was first announced in 2022, with the inaugural season originally scheduled for 2023. However, due to production challenges, the first races have been postponed until the 2024 season. Stay tuned for an exciting showcase of cutting-edge electric vehicles and top-notch racing talent.

Is NASCAR going to hybrid cars?

While an electric vehicle may not be making an appearance in NASCAR’s Cup Series anytime soon, there is a chance for a hybrid, according to championship team owner Roger Penske.

Who is the new manufacturer in NASCAR?

The upcoming 2024 NASCAR Cup Series season will see the LEGACY MOTOR CLUB joining the fray, bringing the total number of Toyota Camry XSE’s on the track to eight. The season will kick off with the Clash at the Coliseum exhibition race in Los Angeles, California, where fans can expect to see these powerful machines in action every weekend.

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