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Remembering Ken Squier: NASCAR Icon and Broadcasting Luminary

Remembering Ken Squier: Ken Squier, the revered NASCAR announcer and broadcasting icon, has passed away at the age of 88.

On Wednesday night in Waterbury, Vermont, Ken Squier, known for his role in the growth of NASCAR, passed away as confirmed by the reports.

Jim France, NASCAR’s Chairman and CEO, lauded Squier’s immeasurable impact on the sport: “Though he never sat behind the wheel of a stock car, Ken Squier contributed to the growth of NASCAR as much as any competitor.” France hailed Squier as an exceptional storyteller, emphasizing that Squier’s voice became the auditory backdrop to numerous defining moments in NASCAR history.

France added, “His calls on TV and radio brought fans closer to the sport, and for that, he was a fan favorite. Ken knew no strangers, and he will be missed by all.”

Squier’s influence extended beyond broadcasting; he founded Thunder Road speedway in Barre, Vermont, in 1960. Vermont Governor Phil Scott, also a stock car racer, paid tribute to Squier as “a true Vermont legend and dear friend to me and so many others.”

Acknowledging Squier’s multifaceted contributions to racing, Gov. Scott highlighted his role at CBS, where he coined the phrase ‘The Great American Race’, and his founding of Thunder Road. The governor expressed, “His impacts on the sport are too numerous to count, and he deserves every one of those recognitions and many more. But for me, what I will remember most was his friendship and deep devotion to his community, which was the entire state.”

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Squier’s legacy is immortalized by NASCAR naming its annual media excellence award after him and broadcaster Barney Hall. Winston Kelley, the Executive Director of NASCAR Hall of Fame, remarked, “Race fans felt like they knew Squier, whether they met him or not.” Kelley praised Squier’s ability to articulate the human side of NASCAR competitors, citing his impactful phrase, ‘common men doing uncommon things’, which encapsulated the unique skill, risk, and intensity of NASCAR racing.

Ken Squier’s profound influence and storytelling prowess marked him as an unforgettable figure in the world of NASCAR and beyond.

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When did Ken Squier pass away?

In November 2023, Squier passed away in Stowe, Vermont due to complications from an intestinal blockage. He was 88 years old.

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