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F1 Emergence in Vegas: Impact on NASCAR’s World

F1 Emergence in Vegas: The rise of Formula 1’s popularity among Americans, largely attributed to Netflix’s Drive To Survive, has sparked enthusiasm within the NASCAR community. The upcoming Las Vegas race is expected to draw fresh fans, a prospect warmly welcomed by several Cup Series drivers.

“More motorsports fans benefit everyone,” expressed Todd Gilliland, reflecting the sentiment echoed by drivers anticipating potential growth in their sport from F1’s surge. Denny Hamlin shares the optimism, anticipating cross-fandom between F1 and NASCAR events in Vegas.

The transition from F1’s glitz to NASCAR’s accessible atmosphere is a topic of interest. Ross Chastain embraces the phenomenon, recognizing the potential collective gain. However, Austin Cindric muses on the contrasting experiences—accessibility versus the untouchable allure of F1’s star power.

While F1’s appeal rises, the differences in racing landscapes, as Colton Herta mentions, can affect both series in distinct ways. NASCAR drivers like Michael McDowell, despite being F1 enthusiasts, acknowledge the complexities of transitioning between the series.

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The paddock’s focus remains on NASCAR’s apex, asserted by Chastain: “This is where we want to stay for a long time.” Drivers like A.J. Almendinger highlight logistical and financial hurdles, opting to steer clear of the F1 event.

As the inaugural Vegas race approaches, drivers hold diverse expectations. Kyle Busch anticipates the spectacle while offering a measured viewpoint on the circuit, whereas Hamlin eyes it from a technological and branding standpoint, seeking transferable insights.

The dichotomy between NASCAR and F1 persists, drawing interest and caution alike within the motorsports community. The intersection of these worlds at the Las Vegas event remains a topic of intrigue for drivers and fans alike.

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Our Reader’s Queries

When did F1 come to Vegas?

Back in 1981 and 1982, Las Vegas hosted two F1 races, which were known as the Caesars Palace Grand Prix.

Is F1 coming back to Vegas?

The F1 teams and drivers are thrilled with the prospect of returning to Las Vegas in 2024, as evidenced by their glowing comments. Their excitement is palpable, and they can’t wait to experience all that the city has to offer once again.

Was F1 in Vegas a success or failure?

While casino operators have hailed the recent event as a major success, some businesses that depend on tourism have suffered due to the course’s layout and the eight months of preparation disruptions. The impact has been significant, and many are struggling to recover from the losses incurred. Despite the positive outcome for the casino industry, it’s essential to consider the broader impact of such events on the local economy and community.

Who performed at the Vegas F1 opening ceremony?

Within just 30 minutes, the audience was treated to shortened sets from a variety of talented musicians. Keith Urban, Andra Day (who delivered a stunning rendition of the Beatles’ classic “Come Together”), Kylie Minogue with her hit “Padam Padam,” Bishop Briggs, Journey, Steve Aoki, J Balvin, and all took to their own LED platforms to perform. It was an impressive display of musical talent and showmanship.

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