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Leah Pruett: A Drag Racing Star Alongside Tony Stewart

While Tony Stewart boasts a prominent name in NASCAR circles, his partner Leah Pruett has crafted her unique legacy in racing, excelling notably as a drag racer.

Pruett’s roots trace back to Redlands, California, born on May 26, 1988. With a lineage steeped in racing, her father Ron introduced her to the sport at the tender age of eight. Displaying an exceptional aptitude early on, she clinched numerous victories in her amateur stint, including securing the NHRA Junior Dragster title.

Her leap into professionalism occurred in 2013, aligning herself with Top Fuel under the banner of Dote Racing. However, her breakthrough arrived in 2016 upon joining Don Schumacher Racing (DSR).

Under the DSR umbrella, Pruett seized a notable triumph by outpacing the two-time NHRA Drag Racing Series Top Fuel dragster champion, Brittany Force, at the National Championship in Arizona. Her pinnacle in Top Fuel remains a commendable fourth-place finish attained in 2018.

In a significant move in 2022, Leah Pruett gained attention by joining the newly-established two-car NHRA team, Tony Stewart Racing. This transition coincided closely with her union with former NASCAR Cup Series champion and Stewart-Haas Racing co-owner, Tony Stewart.

Pruett had previous marriages preceding Stewart. Her initial spouse was the two-time Monster Jam World Finals champion, Todd LeDuc. Following this, she wed Gary Pritchett in 2013, who worked as a crew member for NHRA Top Fuel drags racer, Steve Torrence. Their union concluded in 2019.

Amidst the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic, Leah Pruett and Tony Stewart tied the knot in November 2021 in Los Cabos, Mexico.

Leah Pruett (2)

During a recent appearance on “The Adam Carolla Show,” Stewart posed an intriguing question about their standing as the fastest couple in motorsports.

Addressing Adam Carolla in a jovial manner, Stewart shared their curiosity: “Leah and I are curious if we’re the fastest couple in motorsports right now.” Delving deeper into specifics, Stewart recounted, “I’ve piloted her top fuel car, clocking in at 322 miles per hour. She’s reached around 336. That sparked a discussion on our way to dinner – pondering if any other couple could top our speed.”

However, their conjecture took a turn when host Adam Carolla introduced the name of Andy Green, a retired fighter jet pilot and world land speed record holder since 1997, effectively altering their perspective.

Reverting to racing matters, Tony Stewart’s inaugural full-time season in Top Fuel culminated in disappointment as he narrowly missed advancement in round two of the finals at Pomona Dragstrip, trailing by a mere margin of 0.03 seconds.

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Our Reader’s Queries

Was Leah Pruett married to Todd LeDuc?

Pruett’s personal life includes a previous marriage to Todd LeDuc, an off-road racer and Monster Jam truck driver. In 2011, she met Gary Pritchett, who worked as a crew member for NHRA Top Fuel drag racer Steve Torrence. The two tied the knot in 2013.

How did Leah Pruett and Tony Stewart meet?

Tony Stewart and Leah Pruett had little interaction until Don “the Snake” Prudhomme brought them together during an offroad excursion in Glamis. Despite a lack of prior connection, Prudhomme was insistent that the two meet. Since then, their paths have crossed more frequently, thanks to a sponsor event in 2019.

What happened to Leah Pruett?

Leah Pruett has made a well-considered decision to step away from her Tony Stewart Racing dragster in order to start a family. She assures her fans that this is a temporary hiatus and that she will be back in the cockpit as soon as possible. Pruett’s commitment to her family is admirable, and we wish her all the best during this exciting new chapter in her life.

Are Tony Stewart and Leah Pruett married?

Pruett and Stewart tied the knot a little over two years ago, just before Pruett’s first Top Fuel triumph. In an interview with The Associated Press, Pruett shared that their decision to part ways was a deeply personal one, influenced by recent events in both their lives.

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