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Ryan Blaney vs. Chase Elliott: An Unconventional NASCAR Rivalry

Ryan Blaney vs. Chase Elliott: In a stunning display of prowess at the 1-mile Arizona racetrack, Ryan Blaney emerged victorious, clinching his maiden championship. But prior to NASCAR’s Championship 4 showdown at Phoenix Raceway, the crowd’s eyes were set on favorites like Kyle Larson, William Byron, and Christopher Bell from Joe Gibbs Racing, with little attention on the ultimate title holder. Interestingly, this overlooked champion is now in contention for another esteemed honor—NASCAR’s most popular driver. How so? Let’s unravel this intriguing tale.

Chase Elliott, reigning since his breakthrough MPD title win in 2018, has been the undisputed hero. However, amidst the fanfare surrounding his recent post-race celebrations, Ryan Blaney is forging a formidable case for himself. But what if Blaney clinches the title? He believes there’s a peculiar way for the Golden Boy of Hendrick Motorsports to validate his victory.

Blaney quipped, “I don’t know if anyone’s gonna dethrone him from that though; I really don’t. You know, his cheers run beyond the racetrack. All the way to the pool hall. If I won it’d have to be for him (to) do something wild and if he won it’d have to be something small for me.” Kim Coon was eager to delve deeper into this. Ryan Blaney proposed a curious wager: a tattoo reading “Merry Offseason” inked on the skin.

A tattoo of Blaney’s visage? On a visible part of Elliott’s body? During the Glass Case of Emotion podcast, Blaney humorously suggested that if Chase Elliott secures the win, the bet should be minor. But if it’s Blaney who triumphs, he’s game for something grand—tattooing his face on Elliott’s calf. Chuck Bush and Kim Coon couldn’t help but chuckle at Blaney’s whimsical demand.

Ryan Blaney vs. Chase Elliott (2)

The current Elliott-Blaney MPD saga unfolds with amusement. But imagine discovering that Ryan Blaney and Chase Elliott have been planning a staged on-track fight in NASCAR’s arenas for ages? Yet, truth be told, that’s precisely the case.

In the heat of a NASCAR race where 40 cars roar at full throttle, the competition gets intense, sometimes leading even teammates to a fender-bending tussle. However, fans need not anticipate fisticuffs between Chase Elliott and Ryan Blaney, for these two are close pals off the track.

The duo has been plotting a staged altercation for years, aiming to captivate audiences and spark chatter in the racing sphere.

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Our Reader’s Queries

Did Chase Elliott congratulate Ryan Blaney?

Congratulations, Ryan! It’s great to see you and your best friend celebrating together. If anyone else had to win, I’m glad it was you. Enjoy your victory today!

What is Ryan Blaney’s annual salary?

Ryan Blaney’s estimated annual salary is a whopping $2 million. In terms of career victories, as of 2023, he has secured an impressive 7 wins in the NASCAR Cup Series.

What happened to Ryan Blaney?

NASCAR initially reported that Blaney’s left front shock was below the required length, resulting in a 36th-place finish. However, NASCAR later retracted the penalty.

As the offspring of Bill Elliott, the 1988 Winston Cup Series champion, he joins the ranks of the elite few father-son duos to claim NASCAR championship titles. The Elliotts now stand alongside the likes of Lee and Richard Petty, as well as Ned and Dale Jarrett, in the annals of racing history.

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