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Brad Keselowski RFK Racing Review: Racing for Progress

Brad Keselowski RFK Racing Review: Brad Keselowski, the owner-driver of RFK Racing, openly voiced his sense of being underwhelmed by the team’s present standing, expressing a desire for more substantial achievements on the Ford side. Despite showcasing notable strides during the 2023 season, marking themselves as the most improved team in the Next-Gen era, RFK Racing found itself in a solid position. Nonetheless, the championship was secured by Ryan Blaney of Team Penske, leaving RFK as arguably the top Ford team throughout the year.

When recently questioned about his sentiments regarding RFK Racing’s performance, Keselowski disclosed a mix of reactions, acknowledging both contentment and reservation about their current status. Reflecting on the season, Keselowski emphasized that while there were instances where they demonstrated speed and agility on the track after a sluggish start, it remained a year of varying outcomes for the team.

“The overarching theme is pleased, not satisfied,” Keselowski remarked. “Pleased with the progress, not satisfied with where we’re at. I felt like there were times last year where we didn’t look that great and then there were a lot of times last year, especially around the late summer where I felt like we looked like two of the best cars on the track,” he added.

On a personal front, the 2023 season proved less rewarding for Keselowski, the 2012 Cup champion, who experienced a winless streak for the second consecutive year. His season concluded with 16 top-10 finishes but no victories, whereas his teammate Chris Buescher clinched three wins.

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Keselowski further delved into how timing played a pivotal role in their season’s narrative, suggesting that a better synchronization in the final stretch could have propelled both RFK cars into title contention. Comparing this season to the previous one, he noted the substantial contrast in their performance.

“It didn’t all click when it needed to. That’s part of racing, that’s part of sports and life. If we get it all to click we can be a championship contender with both cars,” Keselowski said, expressing contentment about the potential but dissatisfaction with the team’s inability to capitalize on key moments in the latter part of the season.

He ended on a reflective note, underscoring the challenge ahead for the team – to decipher and actualize the missing components that could have transformed their performance in the critical final races of the season.

“But not satisfied that we weren’t able to realize it. Especially in those final eight races, or probably in the final four or six races. That’s the challenge for us ahead is getting us to a spot where we can realize that with results,” Keselowski concluded.

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Our Reader’s Queries

Who is Brad Keselowski married to?

Brad’s love for technological advancements both on and off the race track led him to establish Keselowski Advanced Manufacturing in 2018. The company specializes in additive metal manufacturing and advanced engineering solutions, reflecting Brad’s passion for innovation.

What company does Brad Keselowski own?

RFK Racing, also known as Roush Fenway Keselowski Racing, is a top-tier American stock car organization that competes in the NASCAR Cup Series. With a strong focus on professionalism and excellence, RFK Racing is a force to be reckoned with on the track. Their commitment to success is evident in their active participation in the highly competitive world of NASCAR racing.

What is RFK racing in NASCAR?

Meet Bradley Aaron Keselowski, a successful American stock car racing driver, team owner, and entrepreneur. He’s a full-time competitor in the NASCAR Cup Series, driving the No. 6 Ford Mustang Dark Horse for RFK Racing, a team he co-owns. With his impressive skills and business acumen, Keselowski has made a name for himself in the racing world and beyond.

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