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NASCAR Expands Midseason Races: Netflix Bypasses NBA Tournament Rights

NASCAR Expands Midseason Races: NASCAR is shaking things up by expanding its midseason Cup Series races from the initial six to a robust ten, as revealed on Monday. This move aims to intrigue networks even more, enticing potential bidders to take a fresh look at the dynamic package. While Amazon and Warner Bros. Discovery initially expressed interest in the initial six-race offering, they now emerge as top contenders for the enhanced ten-race lineup. The hope is to secure a sole purchaser for all ten races, although splitting the rights into two five-race segments remains a plausible option.

Sources indicate that NASCAR has quietly inked extensions with Fox and NBC, although official announcements are pending. These incumbents were already set to feature fewer races due to the additional midseason package. With the extension from six to ten races, their inventory is further trimmed down.

In other realms of sport and entertainment, Netflix surprisingly declined the opportunity to delve into the NBA In-Season Tournament, as per a Bloomberg report released Monday. This contradicts earlier speculation from  that hinted at Netflix showing some curiosity in acquiring rights to the tournament. However, Netflix is keen on crafting an NBA documentary series akin to the much-admired F1 Drive to Survive.

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Despite often surfacing in conversations about live sports rights, Netflix has yet to take substantial steps toward securing major properties.

Adding to the sporting news, Washington and Washington State have struck a deal to preserve their annual football rivalry for at least five more years, as per the reports. This continuation arises from Washington’s imminent move to the Big Ten next season, necessitating a scheduling adjustment with their ongoing rivalry. The traditional Thanksgiving weekend showdown will shift to September next year and likely persist due to the Big Ten scheduling.

Meanwhile, NBA TNT analyst Shaquille O’Neal is set to step into the game analyst role for the November 28 Bucks-Heat NBA matchup, joining forces with Kevin Harlan and Reggie Miller, according to reports.

Also, the “Max” streaming service has struck an agreement with Meadowlark Media to broadcast an hour of the Dan Le Batard radio show every weekday, as disclosed by reports.

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Our Reader’s Queries

Who is the new manufacturer of NASCAR?

In the upcoming 2024 NASCAR Cup Series, Toyota Next Gen cars will be represented by three teams. Joe Gibbs Racing and 23XI Racing, who have been loyal to Toyota cars for years, will continue to be a part of the stable. Additionally, LEGACY MOTOR CLUB will be joining the TRD team in 2024, making the switch from Chevrolet. This move is sure to bring a fresh perspective to the Toyota Next Gen cars and add to the excitement of the upcoming season.

Is NASCAR part of the FIA?

Despite being a member club of ACCUS, the U.S. motor racing sporting authority and representative to the FIA World Motor Sport Council, NASCAR does not adhere to the FIA rules. Unlike the FIA International Sporting Code, NASCAR does not utilize the flag system.

How does NASCAR work?

The NASCAR season is split into two parts. The first 26 races determine the top 16 drivers, who are chosen based on their number of wins. These drivers then compete in the final ten races, where the point difference is reduced. This exciting finale is known as the NASCAR playoffs.

What is the NASCAR media rights deal?

NASCAR’s broadcasting agreement with Fox and NBC is set to expire in 2024, after being implemented in 2015. The deal, which was initially valued at $8.2 billion for a decade, is up for renewal.

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