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Chase Elliott Comeback: Reflecting on Challenges and Striving for Renewal

Chase Elliott Comeback: The 2023 NASCAR Cup Series presented a challenging chapter for Hendrick Motorsports’ key driver, Chase Elliott. Hindered by a leg injury and a subsequent one-race suspension, Elliott’s season encountered multiple setbacks. Missing out on several races and, notably, failing to clinch a playoff spot for the first time in his illustrious NASCAR Cup Series career, the 27-year-old concluded the year with a 17th-place finish in the Cup Series standings, a far cry from his usual standings.

Speaking to Racer, Elliott acknowledged the grueling season, refraining from any hint of surprise at his performance slump. “This stuff’s tough,” he emphasized, acknowledging the competitive nature of the sport. He openly confessed that the past season did not align with his anticipated level of performance, displaying a candid awareness of the challenges faced.

Despite the season’s adversities, Elliott lauded his #9 HMS Chevrolet team for their unwavering support and persistent efforts throughout every race weekend. Expressing his desire for improvement, Elliott conveyed his belief in the team’s strength and dedication. “I want to be better,” he emphasized, highlighting his team’s ongoing commitment to providing the necessary tools and echoing his determination to persevere.

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Looking back at the season’s concluding event at Phoenix Raceway, Elliott expressed disappointment over the forgettable campaign. “For the most part, [it was] certainly not what I expect of myself and what we expect of our team,” he lamented. Acknowledging the room for improvement, Elliott reiterated his team’s commitment to enhancing their performance in the upcoming season. “A lot of room for improvement,” he admitted, conveying his intentions to address areas for enhancement as they head into the new season.

Elliott concluded on a determined note, expressing his aspirations for a strong resurgence in the upcoming season. His goal? To regain momentum and strive for a place in the championship 4 race, signaling a determined comeback.

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Our Reader’s Queries

Is Chase Elliott out for the season 2023?

As we look towards 2023, nobody could have predicted Elliott’s snowboarding injury and the subsequent six-race break. However, with successful minor surgery to his right shoulder in mid-November, he is expected to make a full recovery and return to his previous form. Assuming no further setbacks, he should be able to qualify for the playoffs in 2024.

What caused Chase Elliott to crash?

Hamlin and Elliott were battling for position when the incident occurred. Hamlin forced Elliott towards the outer edge of the track, resulting in Elliott colliding with the wall. In retaliation, Elliott seemed to deliberately hit the right rear of Hamlin’s bumper.

Is Napa leaving Chase Elliott?

Hendrick Motorsports has recently extended its contract with NAPA Auto Parts, which will showcase the brand on the No. 9 Chevrolet Camaro driven by Chase Elliott in 26 NASCAR Cup Series events annually. The partnership is set to continue until 2022, with Elliott remaining with the team until at least 2027.

Is Chase Elliott still in the championship?

Chase Elliott and his fellow Hendrick drivers are reflecting on their season after failing to secure a championship in 2023. Despite not qualifying for the championship as a driver, Elliott doesn’t believe his performance during the playoffs would have been much different if he had participated in the seven races he missed earlier in the year. As they take stock of their season, the Hendrick team is undoubtedly looking for ways to improve and come back stronger in the next season.

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